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Takaishi Ban Appeal


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Gamer Name: Takaishi/Sushi

Date of Ban: 16.03.2021

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Takaishi

ArmA ID: 76561198133420631

Reason for Ban: TK


TK was yesterday on FOB Alpha while heading off to sleep cause I had work tomorrow I allowed myself to have some fun with my friend Predator who I've been playing with for quite some time already by shooting through his legs and well the Doomsday rounds in my Shotgun did not take to that kindly and well he died


Didn't think too much of it since we do shot each other quite a bit once in a while and we both have to go.


Got on the Server the next day and got banned


Note: Short chat before the ban would have been quite nice ;D

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Denied at this time. Please re-appeal, if you so choose so, in 30 days from which the ban took place, which will be on 14APR21.


Teamkilling is the number one rule of our Public Server and we take it very seriously as it is the most abused rule as well. Regardless of how often you "have fun" with your friend in this regard it is an immediate bannable offense within our server. In regards to your note; the admin who issued your ban attempted to reach you, however you disconnected from the game and TeamSpeak immediately following the incident, so while it would have been nice, it would also have been quite nice to follow the listed rules of our server ;D

Please take your time away from the Public Server to understand our rules and familiarize yourself with them so there will be no issues in the future.

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