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Checking In - Sgt D. Payne

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Hey folks,
Hope all are well. Been a while since I was around these parts, looks like a new forums and all too. The elements roster still has some familiar names on it but a lot of new names too. Either way wanted to drop in and say hey, thinking of coming back maybe and hopefully rejoining the unit to kick around with you all. Not sure if the unit still has the same procedure as before for old members joining. 


Miss you all as well as all the good times and laughs we had back in the day.


Keep up the good work, cheers.


Sgt David Payne (Retired, long ago now) 

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I never had the chance of meeting you but heard a lot of good things about you from my FTL Mooney.

I joined Haymaker 2-1-C a couple of months after you left and remained there until it closed.

I hope that you are well.


To re-join you'll just have to put in a new application and state that you are a former member.

S-1 will help you get back up to speed after that point!


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