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Unban Request


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Gamer Name: Cpt. B. Leckie

Date of Ban: 12/15/2020

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: ArmA Public Server

ArmA ID: 76561198119305374

Reason for Ban: Wasting Resources, Harassment/Toxicity, Arguing with an admin

Comments: Earlier today on the public server I - "Cpt. B. Leckie" logged in after a night of doing logistics the night before. I saw my supplies had added up enough to where I could afford a harrier (The entire reason I did logistics/built a flight control the day before) I spawned the harrier, changed the paint, armed it up, changed my group name to Rebel 1 for tasking and signed in on both 80 and 95 for air to ground and air to air comms. I got in the air and rabid_kabbage told me spawning the harrier was dumb and a waste of resources. I explained that the harrier is a force multiplier and when there is low populaton, can be used to help small fireteams in taking objectives as opposed to going in infantry only. rabid_kabbage continued to condescend my decision of building a harrier and we argued about its uses in chat for some time. This is where he starts recording: 

at the beginning of the video, I am seen blowing up a BMP over the hill from Rabid_kabbage. I disabled it and noted that they were good hits (trying to demonstrate the effectiveness of a harrier with a decent pilot) him and goose talk back and forth with a 3rd party voice comms throughout the recording. At none of these points has harassment (By definition: "Aggressive pressure or intimidation") been demonstrated. The harrier was still active and not destroyed/inoperational; so no waste of resources had been committed either. The video goes on to show side chat comments every once in a while. Goose and Rabid_Kabbage continue flying warhorses without being in pilot slots, so I simply followed them to provide overwatch and to wait until they were done so we can do something. I can be seen stating "Spawn rahmadi and ill destroy it" talking about the island with a military base, radio tower, and small town that we could have taken with the harrier. They ignored that comment and continued flying. I can be seen doing close flybys of them while they were moving at low speeds, they complained that the desync looked bad so I quit and went back to flying. The 2 individuals eventually returned to base and landed to unload crates so I landed the harrier, I approached Rabid_Kabbage and asked "Why you heff to be mad, its only game" referencing the classic youtube video of a hockey player 

at this point, rabid_kabbage says "Why do you have to act 5" and proceeds to steal my harrier, fly around, then land it and recycle it. Which was the only instance of 'resource wasting' in the entire event. By his definition it would also be harassment to steal my harrier and do laps overhead to upset me. At the end of the video I can be seen recycling a Busk and a Fuel Truck, the Busk was 10km away from any AO and was there since last night, the fuel truck was useless due to the fact that we had built an RSV Humvee. Conveniently the video recorded by rabid_kabbage cuts off at the point that I explained this. Sgt Atom takes my message and comes to discuss what happened, he gives us a warning and says that I'll have to build another harrier since the last one was recycled. Fast forward about 15 minutes, I gathered the remaining ammo to build a harrier and built a new one. Armed it up, and did JTAC air to ground missions with Sgt Atom. I had an appointment with MPF so I landed the harrier at FOB Bravo and went AFK in it for about 2 hours so no one would steal it and get it shot down or crash it. I come back, fly over the active AO and notice GCE was inside of a civilian town so I waved off, noticed a downed MiG-29 and returned to base to grab warhorse to recover the MiG. I brought the MiG back and Cpl Reep recycled it, hopped in my harrier and flew off. He didnt change the armament, refuel etc. At this point I got on the radio and made contact with the individual. I said "Reep are you on 80?" he said "Send it for Reep" I said "Is that the harrier from FOB Alpha and do you know where the MiG went?" he said "The MiG was blocking the harrier so I recycled it and yes this is the harrier, no one was in it" so I stated "Oh, alright. Do you mind RTBing with the Harrier? I was using it" he said "I'll RTB when I need to rearm and refuel" in a snarky way. I said "Copy, I was using the harrier, I landed it to grab that jet with warhorse" and he ignored me, flying around the map without doing any strikes or gunruns. I took this as him trying to annoy me by playing a game of 'keepaway' with me. I typed in side channel expressing my friction with this, saying: Why wouldn't he just bring it back if someone asked? Or ask nicely to keep flying it instead of trying to provoke? At this time MSgt Caron defended him and I expressed my concern with Caron about the way the corporal was acting, I explained he was being rude, disrespectful and childish. I admit to arguing with Caron about the incident because I felt like it was 15th MEU vs me and not a case by case issue. Now that I've explained from my POV of what happened. I'd like to discuss what I am being banned for. 1. Harassment: Harassment by definition requires aggression or intimidation. I did not commit either in the videos or in any screenshots that may have been provided. 2. Toxicity: I will admit I was being toxic, but I saw it as giving what I was receiving. 3. Wasting resources: Wasting resources is relative. If someone buys a harrier, crashes it, and the resources were for nothing...then I can understand how it was a waste as the resources were not put to a good use. I will not accept that it is a waste of resources to spawn a harrier on low population and do small strike missions until the server is populated for larger missions ESPECIALLY when I am the one who collected said resources. The only waste of resources is demonstrated when rabid_kabbage took the harrier and recycled it for half of the original resources. 4. Arguing with an admin: Caron was the admin I believe to be in question, I didn't argue with the fact that technically speaking the harrier was free game, I pointed out that his corporal 'reep' was being rude for no reason and abrasive about the entire situation. The 2 things I admit to are being toxic and a little toxic to MSgt Caron. I by definition harassed no one, I by definition did not waste resources. I play on the public server on almost every day I am off, I love interacting with everyone and think that the roleplay on the server is well-done. I help people when I can, I'm very communicative and I enjoy cooperating with the other players on the server. With that being said. I am active duty military and completely refuse to be disrespected by random people on a video game for no reason. I get that some people get the 15th MEU rank of corporal and think they are the boss man on the server and can talk how they want to people, but I dont accept that narrative. I dont think anyone of any rank should be rude to someone by default because they think they are entitled; whether that be a Corporal, Captain, Master Sergeant etc. No one should be outride rude like that without reprimand. I am a supporter of the discord via boosting, I help new players get teamspeak set up on the public server, explain the mods to them etc. I've never had an issue on the server with anyone until today and a permanent ban seems a bit rushed/overdone. I wont sit here and say I am innocent of being toxic or arguing with MSgt Caron. But I also wont allow someone to ban me without having my side heard. I would be completely understanding of a temporary ban for being toxic. I get that, but I have built relationships with players on the public server, I've made friends, I've put in hours and hours of logistics and support runs. I just want to be able to play in the future. This being my first offense I now know that there are people on the military simulation server that cant handle actual military talk or mannerisms and I will read the audience better in the future to try to protect said players feelings. Thank you for your time reviewing my case and I hope my voice can be heard in this dispute. -Leckie

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You were originally issued a warning from one of our Admins on our Public Server on 15DEC20 for an argument that got out of control between yourself and another public player. Since that time you have been banned as a result of further investigation into the issue, you have also gotten yourself banned from our Discord Server and TeamSpeak Server as a direct result of your ongoing toxicity and behavior problems. (All three bans, public server, Discord, and TeamSpeak) were issued by different Admins for different offenses. It is clear you have little to no regard for the environment in which we wish to uphold in our community. Your ban on all platforms will remain  for at least the next six months, you may place an appeal again after 01SEP21 if you wish to re-appeal in the future.

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