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Ban Appeal


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Gamer Name: Tagz

Date of Ban: Couldn't tell ya

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Tagz, Tagz (Sometimes in one of the 3 forms of the Japanese alphabet)

ArmA ID: 76561198124041588

Reason for Ban: If I can remember, it was due to shooting a rocket at a vehicle at point blank range, causing death to a few people.

Comments: The moment at which this happened, the FOB was placed a shitty spot for starters. The FOB also had two wide openings, left and right, and the base was on a full attack since the rating was so bad. Trucks were coming from the valley towards the base and driving along the road, you had BMPs and ZU23 trucks going straight into the base. Because of this situation, we were firing rockets at these vehicle at close range and I did as well. Having said that, in my view, I saw the gun on the ZU23 still moving and fired at it. But since, these were new players and have never met me, they were aggressive with me. Nothing was lost on base and nothing was gained either, but everyone in that moment was upset that I did so. But if I remember, they simply wanted to take the truck for use. Everything that happened was within in a moment that I couldn't react to nor hear everything that was communicated in that time frame.

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At the time of your ban you had previously received two kicks from our public server. Once on 18NOV19 for intentional team killing and firing on base, and once on 02MAR20 for intentional team damage and firing on base. Your track record over your time on our public server is concerning and not anywhere in line with the rules we outline for our servers. Coupling those two prior incidents together along with this ban, and your apparent issues on other public servers throughout the Arma-sphere, your appeal is denied at this time. If you wish to re-appeal in the future you may do so at your own discretion.

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