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Operation Nordic Shield 05-20 Post-Op Synopsis


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All Task Forces

During the early hours of the morning, each FOB holding USMC forces fell under attack by rocket artillery, mortars, and machine gun fire. In a seemingly coordinated assault, a hostile force using soviet-era uniforms have conducted attacks against MEU and LDF installations across the Virolahti region. The force has been identified as the Livonian Liberation Army (LLA). Each Task Force was able to successfully defend their FOBs from being overrun by this new threat and was able to take the fight right back to them, destroying staging camps and fortified locations inhabited by the LLA.


Task Force Alpha

Task Force Alpha was tasked with securing Hurpuu and its surrounding area along with investigating the decrease in White Rifle Militia activity in the Selkärannankangas forests. During the FOB assault, a Gunfighter was shot down with the surviving pilot becoming captured by the LLA. MSOT was tasked with recovering this pilot, who was suspected to have been taken to Hurpuu. 


After recovering from the assault on FOB Barracuda, Task Force Alpha began their movements to their objective areas in order to neutralize any additional LLA forces. Archer 1, supported by Spartan and ACE, pushed into the Selkärannankangas forests and came across multiple encampments manned by LLA forces. The Task Force was able to successfully clear each location with relative ease through heavy mortar fire and suppression from inside each camp. 


In tandem, Roughneck began their movements to Hurpuu to clear the area and find the captured pilot. MSOT was able to quickly maneuver into the town though they began taking heavy casualties due to the overwhelming force within the town. In order to support Roughneck’s objective, Spartan was tasked with moving the Hurpuu to reinforce MSOT’s push into the town. After recovering from their wounds, Roughneck along with Spartan were able to secure the captured pilot, extracting him immediately, and secure the town.


Task Force Alpha set security in the forests near Hurpuu and ENDOP was called in the field.


Objective 1: Complete

Objective 2: Complete


Task Force Bravo

Task Force Bravo was tasked with investigating the decrease in White Rifle Militia activity and destroying known WRM encampments to deny their use west of FOB Muniz. The Task Force was FRAGO’d after defending FOB Muniz and was tasked with assisting the LDF installation in Kallio. 


After recovering from the assault on FOB Muniz, MSOT mounted into Gunfighter and took off towards Kallio to get eyes on the area, while GCE waited to load into Warhorse and rally together before assaulting Kallio. MSOT was discovered and engaged by LLA forces that had secured camp Kallio but took only minor wounds before pulling back. When Archer 2 arrived, GCE and MSOT conducted a coordinated assault on Kallio from opposing flanks. During the assault, Archer 2 took heavy casualties from LLA infantry hiding in buildings on the outskirts of the camp. The Task Force was able to successfully secure the camp and began their movements back to their original objective area via Warhorse. The known fortified camp positions were heavily damaged by ACE while the Task Force successfully cleared the fortified town on the western side of their objective. 


Task Force Bravo set security inside the fortified town and ENDOP was called in the field.


Objective 1: Complete

Objective 2: Complete


Task Force Charlie

Task Force Charlie was tasked with patrolling the forests north of FOB Moosejaw to neutralize the suspected White Rifle fighting groups in the area. After receiving information that the LDF held Uutela Checkpoint was under attack, the Task Force FRAGO’d their original operation.


After recovering from the assault on FOB Moosejaw, Task Force Charlie moved to sweep the northern forest, but upon receipt of information regarding the status of the Uutela Checkpoint, Archer 3 split up the platoon, sending a squad in an AAV as a QRF the Uutela Checkpoint. The QRF was able to secure the checkpoint from the assaulting LLA. Meanwhile a LDF helicopter flying over the AO was shot down; the surviving LDF were able to call for help to which ACE was sent to conduct CSAR, rescuing the stranded LDF. Shortly after, the rest of Task Force Charlie moved in to secure the crash site.


Task Force Charlie returned to FOB Moosejaw and ENDOP was called.


Objective 1: Complete

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