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L. Winter


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Gamer Name: Sgt. L. Winter

Date of Ban: 07/24/20


ArmA Pub Server


ArmA ID: 76561198102342621


Reason for Ban: Misuse of arsenal

Comments: I will admit that I misused the arsenal crate and was warned about prior to being banned but I was slightly salty about the timing of when I was kicked/warned as I was performing medical on a downed teammate and was removed before I could finish and respawn to change my kit so when I got back into the server I kind of didnt look that hard when I changed the kit over to be stuff that was allowed to on the server so i'm not even sure what item got me banned after a few days to cool off and look back at what I did I understand that it was stupid to not check what was allowed and I shouldnt have even tried to use items that were banned in the first place.
If you want a list of what I had in my kit please ask.

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Firstly, apologies for getting to this much later than I should have. In regards to your ban you had been warned by not one, not two, not three, but FOUR admins of at least Red Shield or higher prior to your ban from our server. I know based off details evidence that two of the warnings were from prior on our server and two of them were from the day you were banned. You responded to all four warning, meaning you clearly understood that you were breaking out policy's and rules and still continued to join for multiple days with the issue persisting. You were given a number of opportunities to become compliant with our ruleset, and as exploiting and cheating are tied together in our eyes, you broke one of the most enforceable rules on our servers. I do not think you took any proper steps to addressing this, and feel if you were to return you would continue this behavior with disregard to the rules we uphold and enforce within our server.


Due to the above incidents your appeal at this time is denied. If you wish to re-appeal in the future you may do so at your own discretion. 

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