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Operation Nordic Shield 04-20 Post-Op Synopsis


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Task Force Alpha

Task Force Alpha was tasked with assaulting the White Rifle held towns of Hanski and Hurppu and securing civilians from detainment in each town. The Task Force stepped off from FOB Moosejaw and made their way to Hanski via the recently completed bridge. Near Hanski, they were met with heavy fire from RPGs, IDF, and MGs from fighting positions throughout the forests. In the initial fire, the Task Force quickly lost a AAV and took heavy casualties, though due to decisive action from infantry teams who took the initiative to storm the closest positions while ACE destroyed mortar pits the Task Force was able to regroup and secure the forests. Afterwards, the Task Force took the fight into Hanski while searching for civilian detainees. Alpha successfully found the detainees in Hanski and extracted them. During this push, the Task Force lost their second AAV creating a shortage of vehicles for rapid transportation to Hurppu. 


After securing the area, Archer 1 was cleared to commandeer civilian vehicles to make their way to Hurppu. The Task Force moved to a known WRM motor pool in the forests west of Hurppu. They were successfully able to assault the motor pool and two additional camps nearby. The Task Force found all civilians that were held captive in the area. After securing the area, the Task Force returned to FOB Barracuda and called ENDOP.


Objective 1: Complete

Objective 2: Partially Complete


Task Force Bravo   

    Task Force Bravo was tasked with finding and capturing Henri “Justus” Joki (Ten of Hearts) along with searching for and destroying WRM camps west of FOB Muniz. Henri, a confirmed associate of the militia, was likely to be in one of three strongholds. Upon stepping off from FOB Muniz, the Task Force proceeded on foot with Spartan support to the area of operation. The Task Force prepared an assault on a discovered WRM vehicle storage camp. Archer 2, with support from Black Sheep, was able to flank and assault the camp successfully with minimal casualties. 


The Task Force then regrouped, assessed the next known WRM fixed position, a training facility. Archer 2 moved the treeline just before the training camp and was spotted by the training facility. A WRM QRF was called in to attempt to push back the ground assault. Archer 2 took a moderate number of casualties but was able to suppress and neutralize the QRF allowing Spartan to push through the open field, providing smoke and main gun support for infantry as they crossed the field. Archer 2 was able to successfully secure the training facility and fighting positions nearby. Task Force Bravo then returned to FOB Muniz and called ENDOP.


    MSOT traveled around the AO to search for Henri at the two western-most strongholds. They were able to set up recon around both areas undetected and spotted Henri walking through the smaller of the two strongholds and moving into a warehouse. After quickly planning an assault, MSOT was able to successfully capture Henri. The militia fighting group in the larger stronghold heard the shooting and QRF’d to Henri’s location in an attempt to re-secure Henri. After a brief firefight, MSOT had Henri exfilled via Gunfighter 1. MSOT then maneuvered towards a small town southwest of GCE to clear it of the hostiles that were flanking GCE during their assault on the training facility. Once the town was cleared, MSOT moved to clear the FPs around the last facility. Shortly after clearing them, they were called back to the FOB for ENDOP. 


Objective 1: Complete

Objective 2: Partially Complete


Task Force Charlie

Task Force Charlie was tasked with investigating a possible insurgent propaganda cell in Järvenkylä along with seeking and destroying White Rifle Militia camps in its vicinity. The Task Force began at Lansikyla and convoyed back to FOB Moosejaw to rearm, change vehicles, and collect additional forces. Gunfighter 1 was requested to perform ISR over the AO to provide a clearer picture of enemy disposition. While doing so, they were engaged by Static AA positions within the forests. to find the propaganda cell with Archer 3 following shortly after to seek and destroy camps. 


Upon reaching the town of Ravijoki, Archer 3 dismounted and were engaged by the WRM. After Archer 3 engaged the initial patrol they started to move south in hopes of bypassing most of the defenses. On their movements south they encountered a WRM mortar camp; once they were engaged, they suffered casualties from both small arms and artillery fire. After regrouping, Archer 3 began movements to the south and was engaged by WRM again from the west and north, causing them to split their two squads to advance on the WRM. After consolidating their forces Archer 3 began to move to Charlie 2 from the south after calling in strikes from Gunfighter 1 on Hill 44 (Hamburger Hill). The Task Force regrouped on the hill and took the main camp and the radio tower. After they cleared the hill and placed explosives, they were hit with WRM mortar fire; they began to move out east. They reached their vehicles with minimal casualties and returned to FOB Moosejaw where ENDOP was called


MSOT was tasked with finding and neutralizing the possible propaganda cell in Järvenkylä. After rearming at FOB Moosejaw, MSOT began their movements to Järvenkylä. They performed recon of the area and discovered a propaganda warehouse just outside of the town. MSOT conducted a raid on the warehouse, capturing or killing the WRM present there. They proceeded to destroy the factory via airstrike performed by Gunfighter 1. MSOT then moved to support Archer 3 their objectives. They began by probing for a route in Charlie 2 from the north. During this action they suffered casualties and lost a vehicle from a KORD HMG. MSOT tried again to move to Charlie 2, this time on foot, but were again engaged by a KORD Bunker, heavy RPK fire, and multiple RPGs. MSOT started to withdraw while calling in JDAM strikes on the bunkers that were engaging them. Following this, MSOT went North with Archer 5 and was exfiled by Gunfighter 1 to FOB Moosejaw where ENDOP was called.


Objective 1: Complete

Objective 2: Complete

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