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Operation Madrigal Spring - Public Fun Op

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Server Info:

Server name: Operation Madrigal Spring
Port: 2317


Mod List

Please post below which slot you would like to fill.


18DEC2528 (IGT)

14AUG20 @ 1700 CDT (IRL)


Madrigal, 23 Librae System


Time & Weather:
0350 IGT (Weather: Clear with chance of rain.)

The operation is expected to take about 3 hours, maybe more if people want to continue.


Covenant forces have invaded Madrigal. The Corvette UNSC Drake is to insert it's compliment of ODST and Spartan forces covertly to conduct material denial operations before falling back to Reach for ONI Debrief.


ROE is as follows: Objectives are to be completed no matter the cost.


At no point will friendly fire or ass-hattery be tolerated. Anyone breaking these rules will be warned once, if they continue they will be kicked and banned from the server and any future funops that I plan.


EMLCOA: Capture and search strategic locations for intel on UNSC Operations

Covenant Elites with heavy air support presence


b. Friendly Forces:
Forces will drop from UNSC Drake by way of HEV deployment and will conduct denial operations as assigned by Sword Command.


c. Attachments & Detachments:
Alpha Team - ODST Support Detachment

Bravo Team - ODST Assault Detachment

Zulu Team - Spartan Engineer Detachment

Raider - CAP/CAS/Reinsert Aircraft

Sword Command - Spartan Ed-128, Commanding Officer of forces on board UNSC Drake


d. Civilian Considerations:
Local forces have extracted all able civilians. Covenant forces have killed remains. Civilians are non-consideration.


Task Force will deploy via HEV to secure COP, and assault various objectives determined by ONI and Sword Command


a. Commander's intent:

Destroy all material that may allow Covenant forces to determine location of key UNSC locations and assets.


c. Coordinating Instruction
All CAS and Recon, will be sent through the JTAC, callsign: Zulu Actual. All Zues requests will be sent to the task force commander, callsign Sword Actual


All assets will begin on board UNSC Drake. All causalities should be cared for in field. 


a. Administration
All re-inserts will either be done by air assets or through flagpoles set on secured locations.


a. Signal

Raider - AC-22

Zulu Actual- JTAC
Sword Actual- HQ 


-Radio Frequencies:

Ground to Air Communication - 80
Landbase Communication - 75
Emergency Net - 99
Command and HQ - 10
Alpha - 11

Bravo - 12

Zulu - 13


-Smoke/Chemlight Notation:
A. Red - Enemy Position
B. Blue - Chain of Command Broken
C. Green - Friendly Position
D. White - Concealment
E. Purple - Mass Cass


b. Command
Location of command: TBD

Succession of Command:
Alpha Team Leader/Detachment Leader

Bravo Team Leader

Zulu Actual

Edited by 2ndLt Kanefield
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Requesting SPARTAN  Engineer/JTAC

 Actually disregard i dont feel comfrotable filling the role of a JTAC even though i wanna be a SPARTAN.  I can do Alpha Team Lead though.

Edited by Cpl D. O'Connor
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