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Operation Nordic Shield 03-20 Post-Op Synopsis

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Task Force Alpha

Task Force Alpha began its mission resupplying at the Bridge Construction Site which quickly fell under attack by White Rifle Militia fighters. Alpha was able to defend and repel the attacks and began to make their way to the towns of Ala-Pihlaja to search for and destroy militia weapons caches and Ylä-Pihlaja to locate, capture, and extract Eemeli, a suspected weapons dealer for the WRM. The Task Force assaulted both towns at the same time. MSOT along with an attached fireteam Archer 1 assaulted a compound near Ylä-Pihlaja that was detected by ACE ISR that was assumed to house Eemeli. The remainder of Archer 1 along with ACP assaulted Ala-Pihlaja.  



MSOT was able to find and capture Eemeli as he fled from his safehouse. Once the weapon trafficker was secured, MSOT cleared out the rest of Ylä-Pihlaja to eliminate the remaining WRM forces. Archer 1 and ACP successfully found and destroyed the weapons caches along with garages containing vehicles being repaired and outfitted with heavy weapons. Once both objectives were complete, Task Force Alpha convoyed to FOB Moosejaw and are awaiting tasking.


Objective 1: Complete

Objective 2: Complete


Task Force Bravo

Task Force Bravo began its mission at FOB Muniz. It organized its convoy to move towards the town of Haavisto to secure and extract Alvar, the mayor of Haavisto from his townhouse and a lakehouse to the northeast to secure and extract Henri, the mayor’s right-hand man. Task Force Bravo split their convoy into an Alpha and Bravo element just outside of Haavisto to tackle both objectives at once. The Bravo element was tasked with extracting Henri, while the Alpha element was tasked with securing the mayor. 


Both forces rapidly pushed into their respective areas. Henri, who turned out to be a mole for the White Rifle Militia, was able to escape capture by the Bravo element under the cover of a prepared ambush. The Alpha element was able to successfully secure Alvar who was moved with the element to a rally point set where the task force originally split. The Alpha element, with the mayor in tow, continued to move out while the Bravo element searched for Henri. One Alpha’s vehicles were unable to move at speed which caused the convoy to halt for repairs. ACE extracted the Mayor while repairs were made. Alpha then moved back to the lake house to extract Bravo element survivors.


ACE was able to identify Henri in the WRM camp and a small force was inserted near the camp. Henri fled the camp after he witnessed comrades getting killed and made it back to his house. The camp was cleared by GCE and they were extracted back to FOB Muniz where ENDOP was called.


Objective 1: Complete

Objective 2: Incomplete


Task Force Charlie

Task Force Charlie began their operation at the southwestern LDF Airfield. After reinforcements and supplies arrived, both MSOT and GCE stepped off. MSOT was tasked with locating, capturing, and extracting a WRM leader, Aleski, from the island of Kujaholmi. Simultaneously, GCE was tasked with locating and securing a kidnapped Livonian official somewhere within Klamila. MSOT arrived at their staging point and GCE arrived at Klamilla, setting up in a skirmish line to start clearing the town. 


On order, both MSOT and GCE began their search. MSOT landed on Kujaholmi via boat and began searching for Aleski’s hideout. He was found by MSOT with the help of ACE, attempting to flee the island via boat. Meanwhile, GCE began movements to clear Klamila, taking fire from a technical and two fireteams in the town. GCE was initially unable to find the government official. After the search of Klamila was completed GCE pushed to Länsikylä, encountering multiple camps, and began taking heavy machine gun and mortar fire along the way. GCE were able to push into the town, clear it, find the kidnapped official, and set up a defensive perimeter while receiving a resupply. ENDOP was called in Länsikylä.


Warhorse was able to successfully transport:

- A medical helicopter from FOB Moosejaw to the fleet for additional repair

- LDF ammo crates and 2x M1151s from Camp Kallio to the LDF Pajunlahti checkpoint

- An LDF Ural from FOB Muniz to the LDF Pajunlahti checkpoint


Objective 1: Complete

Objective 2: Complete

ACE Objectives: Complete



Edited by 1stLt A. Hansen
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