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Gamer Name: Khaosius

Date of Ban: Couple months ago. Ish.

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Arma

ArmA ID: 76561198012153963

Reason for Ban: Overdosed an AFK teammate

Comments: (This is where you make your appeal)


I was base building when a player went AFK in the middle of wall section. I built around him as much as possible, but when the FOB began receiving vehicle fire, I OD'd him and transported him to multiple Corpsman for treatment, and finished the wall section. Lt. Kaleuza, AFK at the time on TS3 and Arma, came back, asked the Corpsman what happened, and banned me.


Directly after the incident I consulted with multiple leaders in the 15th to better grasp the standards of the 15th. I took several weeks for reflection, and I understand now that the server rules apply in many variants are not up for negotiation, and apply regardless of circumstance, jokes, or acceptance of other 15th members and apologize for my actions.

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Please take the last months into account when you choose to violate our server rules. Team-killing and Friendly Fire is our #1 rule and it is followed to a T, and yes intentional over dosing of friendly forces falls under this category. Friendly fire is never acceptable under any circumstances and is punishable with a ban without warning. Any further rules that you break will lead to a permanent, irreversible, ban from our servers.


Your ban will be lifted sometime soon when the server can be reset.  I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with our server rules before you connect next time. Second chances are rare, third chances never happen.

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