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Operation Nordic Shield 02-20 Post-Op Synopsis

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Task Force Alpha
Task Force Alpha loaded medical, food, and water supplies at FOB Barracuda and stepped off toward the first IDAP distribution point in Hanski. During their convoy they were initially attacked by a small WRM fighting group. After taking a couple of casualties and repairing the MTVRs carrying the bulldozers, they were able to eliminate the ambush and continued on their route. When they arrived at the Hanski distribution point, the Task Force engaged and eliminated another WRM team that was reported to be from a fighting group that has been harassing Hanski for the last few weeks. After dropping off the supplies at Hanski, Alpha began movement to the Rannanen distribution point. Alpha ran into two more WRM ambushes before reaching the DP but only took minor casualties while eliminating one of the two ambushes.

As the last of the supplies were delivered to Rannanen, the Task Force received a medevac request from a LDF team in Hurppu. Alpha sent a team via Gunfighter 1 to assist the LDF while the rest of the Task Force moved to the construction site where they were engaged heavily by multiple WRM fighting groups. Alpha was able to repel these attacks and secure the construction site for work to continue. While awaiting for resupply, a WRM sniper team moved into the AO and began to harass the Task Force inflicting a few casualties. Due to mechanical failure, the Gunfighter sent to Hurppu crashed with only two e-marine survivors. A second Gunfighter was sent to evacuate the LDF and stranded e-marines to FOB Barracuda, though one LDF member passed away to his injuries in the interim. ENDOP was called at the construction site.

Mission Objective(s): Complete

Task Force Bravo
Task Force Bravo loaded medical, food, and water supplies at FOB Muniz and stepped off towards the southernmost DP. The convoy was hit by two separate ambushes of WRM fighting groups but sustained few casualties and pushed through rapidly. The Task Force reached the first IDAP DP in Ala-Pihlaja and learned that the civilians were a bit hesitant around GCE, and sped up their exfil from the area. During travel to the second DP in Yla-Pihlaja, the convoy once again encountered a WRM ambush, which caused light casualties in Archer 2. In this town, the Task Force was told that the civilians in this area were weary of USMC forces due to a botched airstrike a few weeks prior. While heading towards the third DP in Aarre, the convoy encountered another ambush which collided with ACP. The ambush was engaged and neutralized shortly after. The convoy then noticed that they were being buzzed by an IDAP Medical Drone, later found to be piloted by the USMC’s number one fan, William, an IDAP volunteer. On the way back to FOB Muniz, the Task Force met Torben, a LDF infantryman who was manning the Uutela Checkpoint and learned their intelligence gathering was helping GREENFOR efforts. ENDOP was called at FOB Muniz.

Mission Objective(s): Complete

Task Force Charlie
Task Force Charlie loaded medical, food, and water supplies at FOB Moosejaw and stepped off, heading towards the IDAP DP in Klamila. On the way, the convoy encountered a WRM ambush on the road but successfully pushed through the contact. The convoy then encountered Livonian Police forces completing sting operations in the area. Once the Task Force reached the camp, it offloaded their supplies and were prepared to move out when a mechanics shop was blown up by the WRM. Archer 3 responded to the incident and supported the wounded civilians until local medical help could arrive. The Task Force then began movements to the second DP in Sydankyla. On their route, they encountered another ambush which was able to insert a vehicle into the convoy. The ambush was engaged and neutralized and the convoy was able to make it to the DP. In Sydankyla, Archer 3 was able to quickly offload the supplies and begin movements to the final IDAP location east of the LDF airfield. On their way they encountered 2 ambushes: the first was able to hit the convoy with sustained fire and RPGs, the second hit their trucks with RPK fire. The Task Force was able to destroy the attacking forces and make it to the DP with minimal casualties and offload the supplies at the final IDAP DP.  The Task Force then began search and destroy efforts for two WRM camps south of the LDF airfield. They engaged with and destroyed both WRM camps, one of which held mortars, and captured a member of the WRM. ENDOP was called at the South West LDF Airfield.

MSOT was able to quickly complete their objectives and provide support for GCE after their completion.

Mission Objective(s): Complete

Edited by 1stLt A. Hansen
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