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Public Server Armory Request


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Name of Item(s): M1239 MK19 | M1239 M2


Item(s) Classname(s): rhsusf_M1239_Mk19_deploy_socom_d | rhsusf_M1239_M2_deploy_socom_d


Reason for request: These open-back MRAPs can act as mobile resupply points (carrying fuel and ammo) to resupply armor and other vehicles in the field. This would increase the effectiveness of deploying vehicles, allowing them to operate longer without having to RTB when fuel/ammo get low. For balancing, it would make sense to cost more than the standard HEMTTs but less than a Bradley or Abrams.




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Do these work with the ACE3 rearm and refuel mechanics, or do they fall back to the vanilla "just park near it and you'll be back to 100%" method? I noticed the new M1152 RSVs use the vanilla system, at least until the RHS-ACE3 compat is updated.

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That is an interesting question. I was under the impression that any vehicle's ability to refuel & rearm could be set by the admin, similar to camos and equipment (antennas, deep water kit, etc.).  I played around with these vics in the editor in June and I believe they worked with ACE3 mechanics similar to the HEMTTs but I don't recall 100%. 


Re: the 1152, I have noticed players dragging them around via tow ropes behind their Humvee or MRAP... not necessarily "abusing" the mechanic per se but since they give unlimited ammo it feels out-of-character.
The beauty of the 1239 is that they can equip CROWS systems, hold 4 passengers, and act as rearm/refuel for frontline armor. No need to pull a dummy Humvee behind you.

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They can be set to work with ACE3 Logistics in the editor, but vehicles in Liberation aren't placed in the editor, they're live-spawned by the build menu.


The primary reason I'd like to have every logistics vehicle using ACE3 Logistics, is, as you touched on, vanilla logistics are never depleted, and can be used without any real interaction, leading to the sorts of behavior you mentioned. I'll do some playing with them and see if we can't get them added if they're up to snuff. If the RSV isn't revamped by the ACE3 compat soon, it will probably be removed.

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