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"Public Action" Concept Thread


(and photo archive)


Concept borrowed from 3 Commando Brigade (UK Royal Marines) - Thank you!


The public action concept is a low-prep public engagement mission structured around existing operations-in-progress on the unit public server. The concept operates in this way:


  • The server is refreshed a short time before step-off, and the person leading the public action organizes attendees at the slot-in screen into an appropriate unit structure modeled on our own (scaled to the number attending) including volunteer element leaders (preferably unit members).
  • All participants push through together, and are directed to kit as their selected billet.
    • Plans for assault are developed during this phase, and briefed to participants after everyone is kitted up.
  • The plan is executed with participants operating according to the way the 15th MEU conducts operations, for somewhere between 1-2 hours (dependent on objective timing).
  • The server is then reset again to clean it up and allow people to go back to normal unorganized operations.


I believe this concept will serve as a demo of the 15th MEU's capabilities for the public, and will be a good way to draw in membership through higher server numbers and good professional gameplay. It also requires minimal preparation by leaders, no mission-building, and little confusion with signups or confusion beforehand. I intend to test this concept once or twice before putting it forward for stand-up, and would greatly appreciate feedback either in this thread or in direct messages.



H. Taylor





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