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Unban Request from 02/12/20

SSGT S. Badger

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Gamer Name: SSg. S. Badger

Date of Ban: 02/12/20

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: ArmA 

ArmA ID: 76561198159125043

Reason for Ban: Supposed Asshattery/ Supposed destruction of asset

Comments: This was supposed to be a Temp ban issued close to 3 mo. ago. I destroyed Warhorse by accident, I had no controls, and had two options jump out and go splat, or go down with the ship, I chose the latter. The FOB was under attack and I was returning with Warhorse to defend (I was running Logi, as well as transporting armored assets to a new forward FOB as driving them there would have taken ages, and the ground troops needed them. As I was returning I was engaged by the first (1) ZSU-23 on the roads to the north of the FOB, which damaged me, and Warhorse. Then I was engaged by a second (2) ZSU-23 just to the north of the FOB near the perimeter wall. This SPAA severely damaged myself and Warhorses Controls. Just before being engaged by the second (2) ZSU-23, I had spotted it and had aborted my landing and was going to make a run for it in Warhorse, and escape its LOS and area of fire. This action set me on a collision course with the nearby mountain when the controls were destroyed. The Asshatttery incident, was justified, but seemed a little over extreme. The actions that led to the incident were made with good intentions, to assist in FOB reconstruction. I do get bored often when nothing is going on or "Crew Changes"(when groups of players leave and new groups join the Pub server) happen. This Random and I hit it off running together in the field, and when the FOB was attacked, we defended together. Afterwards when the FOB was no longer under attack, we body bagged all of our dead bodies and moved them out of the way because the corpses were preventing rebuilding of the FOB and vehicular assets, (something to do with the Liberation building collision script). As we were doing so, a few of them went flying, one landed on a MRZR near spawn, causing an immediate detonation of the MRZR and another squashed a player or two. I was Reported first for the destruction of Warhorse, then the Asshattery incident, which led to the ban. I was told it was a temp ban, and would revert when the map was rotated. I returned to the Pub server after the first map rotation, after the ban was made. The ban had not been lifted, so I left the Pub server alone for almost 3mo. I wish to return to the Pub server as I miss the community, and the interaction, also there is literally no other server out there that does such a good job with mods and management. Thank you for your time!

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@SSGT S. Badger,


Taking a look through our administrator forum section in which our admins report all warnings, kicks, and bans from our public server, as well as in depth information about each I see that you have a record of several warnings, a kick and two instances of being banned from our Public Server. One on 22JUL19 and the most recent on 20FEB20. There are several repeat incidents in which you have been warned and even banned for friendly fire incidents, as well as wasting assets and even an instance of dressing as OpFor and firing on friendlies. Your record, along with the one un-ban you have, shows me that you pay little attention to the rules we run our server by. And clearly have not gotten the point that many of your actions break those rules and lead to less enjoyable experience for other members you inhabit the server with.

At this point in time we will not be removing your current ban. Your track record on our servers is less than stellar and as such this appeal is denied.

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I have never been banned from the server like this, nor have I been kicked ever, this was the first incident, yes Kulesza did try to ban me for saying he was wasting assets, but I was unbanned by a red shield right away, and the SNA was banned temporarily for abusing his powers and wasting assets. People made a lot of claims none of which was backed up by physical proof, i took things very seriously on the Pub server, and even recruited 10-15 people for your unit, form the Pub server and beyond. The fact that you believe in these reports, that I "dressed as OPFOR and shot at friendlies" is ridiculous, I would like to see the reports made and who they were made by, as I believe that some were made falsely and with intentions to have me banned permanently. If you cannot show them, that's pretty lame, the SNA Kulesza made several false reports against me, because I called him out on his constant waste or assets that I had worked very hard to acquire the resources for. Which he is 15th so he should know better then anyone what the rules are. I have put Kulesza as a SNA in this reply because that is what he was when these incidents were made.

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