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12 Hour Op - First Battle of El Alamein

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Date of Operation:



Time of Operation:

Phase 1 - 2000 - 0000

Phase 2 - 0000 - 0400

Phase 3 - 0400 - 0800



El Alamein, Egypt



Download Link





This is our first 12 hour op, so bear with us! It is going to be the First Battle of El Alamein, a 27 day battle condensed into a 12 hour operation, which will be broken into 3x 4 hour phases. Each phase will have it's own sign up thread, so if you wish to attend more than a single phase, include the slots you wish to fill in to for each phase you are attending. Below are some important points to keep in mind for this operation, and apply to all three phases:



Medical will be PAKs and Tourniquets. There are no medic slots, so all aid should be self or buddy aid.



A TP pole will be placed at spawn, and at the nearest previously secured objective. There will be Kubelwagons at the TP location so respawns can move to friendly forces to continue fighting. If more reinserts than can fit in a Kubel occur, a halftrack will be provided to redeploy to the AO.



Each 4 hour shift will have required objectives to complete. If all objectives are completed before the 4 hours are concluded, more objectives may be designated. Between each shift, a server restart will occur, and the next shift's signups can join the game. There will be absolutely no join in progress, to maintain server stability.



Radios are only to be carried by Radiomen, Armor, and Air crews. No other personnel may carry a radio under any circumstances.



Weapons are limited on a per-slot basis. Below is a brief overview over what weapons may be carried by which slot:


Riflemen/Radiomen - Kar-98k

Leadership/Armor Crews - MP-40

Air Crews - Pistol

Machine Gunner - MG-34/42

1 Rifleman in Command Squad - PzB-39

1 Rifleman per squad - Kampfpistole


Additionally, only leadership positions are allowed to carry a secondary pistol.


There is a lot of information here, but it is all important to make sure the mission is fun, and runs smoothly. Enjoy yourselves, but keep it relatively professional. This op is going to be open to members of the public, and they will be held to the same standards as 15th members.  Anyone goofing off too much may be asked to leave the op, and not welcome back for further phases, or further fun ops hosted by myself, that may occur. All briefing for each phase will occur in game, and other information may be provided during these briefings that is not included here. The roster is below, and you may sign up when ready:






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