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Xorillus's Ban Appeal

Guest Xorillus

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Guest Xorillus

Gamer Name: Xorillus

Date of Ban: February 4th, 2020

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: ArmA

ArmA ID: 76561198143354228

Reason for Ban: Friendly Fire

Comments: I have noticed I've been banned when trying to join today for friendly fire and I will say it was not intentional. The best way I can explain this is the player whom I shot at close range looked to be wearing Opfor clothing or something similar to it while having his weapon up in my direction moving towards me not knowing who it was (player or AI) until it was too late plus the fact his name was not showing as that of a player or being grouped with him. As for me leaving, I did not leave the moment it happened because then it would seem like it was intentional. I've actually stayed and started to help bandage him along with another player. We were out in the open so he picked the wounded player up and told me to cover him while carrying him into a house with other wounded being treated. While holding security I had to leave a few minutes after that due to me getting sleepy. I made sure to apologize, but I guess nobody heard me. Not saying all of this just to get myself unbanned or seem so innocent I just tell it as how it happened from my view, but if this isn't a good enough explanation then that's fine no problem stuff happens. I understand PID targets is an important thing. Not the first time I've ever been banned from a server...

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Mr. Xorillus,


The circumstances of your ban have been well documented and accounted by multiple admins within our unit. Your story does not match theirs, you state you did not disconnect immediately, and they state otherwise. I tend to believe my admins more so and trust their judgement in issuing your ban. At this time your ban will remain in place and not be lifted. Feel free to re-appeal in the future and the case will be addressed again.

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