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Public Server Help Request


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Type of Issue: Mods

Date Observed: 01/02/2020

Severity: Major


Mission Name: altis CTI


Issue Details: The new health system with the ACE update is too unforgiving.


Suggestions: I would suggest that the chance-to-wake-up setting be increased, and set it to allow self-transfusions and/or self-stitching. The former would give players a fighting chance to stem the trauma until a corpsman arrives. The latter will allow someone in the corpsman slot to use advanced medical to either close wounds or restore blood and saline..

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Resolved 03JAN20

Cardiac arrest timer raised from 2 to 4 minutes
Self IV and Self Stitching enabled

All slots set to doctor for the use of fluids and ability to see pulse/bp


Keep in mind these settings are only for the public server and will not necessarily be the settings for the 15ths Operations/ITX/Socex Cycles.

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