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Name of Item(s): Mi-28N


Item(s) Classname(s): Mi-28N gunship in the RHS: AFRF mod pack


Reason for request: The Ka-52 should be replaced with the Mi-28N as it would bring in a useful Russian gunship that can operate during night time. The Ka-52 is rare to capture and almost useless with the gunner cam being above the pilot seat. The Mi-28N is already with-in the server mod pack and would be a good replacement capture when the AH-1Z is down and we do not have resources to buy a gunship. Also lots of people like to capture Russian vics as they are a break from the norm however only 2 or 3 have NV/Thermal.

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LCpl Miles,


The point of the OPFOR assets are to the be opposition, not an intermittent ride when BLUFOR assets are not available or have "run their course". No one should be going out of their way to capture, retain, and actively use the assets as it can cause someone to target them since they are still OPFOR assets. I can understand if the vehicle is damaged but in a repairable state and then taken back to base for the resources.


With that said your request is Denied for the replacement of the Ka-52 for the Mi-28N. The purpose of the Ka-50 is to be a reconnaissance/combat helicopter with a static ceiling of 4k, in game it will usually sit around 1-1.5k above the combat zones then come down to strike and fly back up. There are also 2 attack helicopters already in the vehicle list along with the Frogfoot for fast attack so the Mi-28N currently as no place.


If you have any questions feel free to message myself.


GySgt T. Caron

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