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Public Server Armory Request


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Name of Item(s): A-10A Thunderbolt II, F-22 Raptor, UH-60 ESSS, Predator Drone, etc


Item(s) Classname(s): Unknown (I don’t where to find these)


Reason for request: More vehicles for us to have fun with. There’s lots of vehicles in RHS that are cool to have and would be awesome to have these for the public server. There are tons of vehicles already readily available in the server like listed above. I have seen people spawn and use them. It would be awesome to implement much more vehicles to build than we have now for more and better variety. My opinion; take all the vehicles in the server that are available to spawn and make them available to build for everyone else. 💙
EDIT: I do understand that the unit is based off of  the US Marine Corp but being we already have some vehicles tailored to other branches, why not add more? It would be beneficial to have more variety to possibly see more abundance of players and visitors to further our recruiting efforts. Also it makes it more fun to keep playing with such a variety when there’s no OPs going on and we want to stick with the units servers instead of moving to another random Arma server 

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HR Speigel,


At this time we are denying this due to already having a dedicated Jet mod, the AV-8B, that can fulfill the roles of the above jets and 3 transport Helicopters and 2 attack helicopters already on the server for use. The non-USMC vehicles that are allowed on the server currently fill positions that are not completely filled by USMC vehicles, have more capability than the USMC versions within their respective roles (Armament, available seating, etc), or are positions that do not currently have a vehicle within the mods we use, for example the Bradley.


If you have any other suggestions please feel free to submit them.


GySgt T. Caron.

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