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So I've had this issue for almost a year now but it wasn't frequent as it used to be.My computer would just randomly freeze, be it while gaming or doing normal stuff.Most of times a restart would fix the problem, otherwise making a hardware change like changing the slots of the RAM or GPU would fix it. The other day windows got completely broken and I was having BSOD everytime I tried to run the pc. To identify the issue i tried to run the computer without the GPU and but it didn't worked. I took one ram off and I was still not able to get over the BSOD, and then I put the one i removed and removed the other one and then i was able to uefi install the windows. Everything was running smooth with this one stick of ram so I called it a day and bought another 4gb ram with same freq and everything was okay, and then today it freezed once again. The computer was running for 24 hours. I'm really uncertain what harddrive is failing at this point because I reinstalled windows from uefi with a clean hard drive so nothing on the software side. I even flashed bios to make it a clean install aswell. It is not an heat issue since I can run any game for long periods of times, I'm currently testing the RAM though windows memory check and will report when it is finished but I'm really confused at this point. I had my PSU die like 1.5 years ago so I bought an 750W PSU and it shouldn't be failing. I'll greatful for any ideas that might identify the issue.



i7 4770

4gbx2 Corsair 1600mhz


MSI B85G43 Gaming Motherboard

750W Everest Rampage PSU

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