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ACRE2 - TS3 issues


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The plugin section on the Teamspeak "Tools > Addons" says for the "ACRE2" section, 



"ACRE2 Team" - "https://github.com/IDI-Systems/acre2"



Plugin failed to load: Api version is not compatible: 21 (minimum: 23, current: 23)


I will continue browsing the forums to see if this is answered elsewhere. 




Upon reloading the game now I also have this new message, Sadly I am unable to screenshot this so I will type it all out.


ACRE2 Installation Success


"A new version of ACRE2 (VER2.7.1.1016) has been installed!


The Teamspeak 3 plugins have been copied to the following location(s):



The Teamspeak 3 Plugin has been removed from the following location(s):


C:\Program Files\Teamspeak 3 Client


If this is NOT valid, please uninstall all versions of Teamspeak 3 and reinstall both it and ACRE2 or copy the plugins manually to your correct installation. 


If this appears to be the correct folder(s) please remember to enable the plugin in Teamspeak 3!"

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