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Gamer Name: Scrimpy

Date of Ban: 9/30/19

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Arma

ArmA ID: 76561198031276675

Reason for Ban: "Firing on Base/Blowing up friend"

Comments: At 1:30AM EST myself and RabidKabbage were at FOB and I was shooting guns, I was then told to stop by Capt. Johansen twice and I did so. I fired one more time on base due to there being an enemy that had pushed in. After that the time was 1:35 and we pushed out of the base about 1KM and shot our guns, about 5 minutes later at 1:40 we proceeded to throw grenades at the MRZR then I proceed to blow it up with my MAAWS. Following the explosion of the MRZR, I ran over to RabidKabbage as we were about to get off and I blew us up, following the explosion we exited the server and got off for the night.


It will not happen again, and I will refrain from making the same mistake twice.


Ban was executed by Staff Sergeant Oat.


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Please take these last few months of waiting into account when you choose to violate our server rules. Firing on base and blowing stuff up is not necessary at all and can decrease server stability.  Team killing for any reason is not allowed and is not tolerated.  Additionally, when an admin addresses you and tells you not to do something, that means then and forever.  Not just when they are around.


Your ban will be lifted sometime soon when the server can be reset.  I highly suggest you do not put yourself in a position to be kicked or banned again as next time the ban will stay in place.

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