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Angwins/Scrimpy's Appeal


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Gamer Name: Scrimpy

Date of Ban: 9/30/19

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Arma

ArmA ID: 76561198031276675

Reason for Ban: "Firing on Base/Blowing up friend"

Comments: At 1:30AM EST myself and RabidKabbage were at FOB and I was shooting guns, I was then told to stop by Capt. Johansen twice and I did so. I fired one more time on base due to there being an enemy that had pushed in. After that the time was 1:35 and we pushed out of the base about 1KM and shot our guns, about 5 minutes later at 1:40 we proceeded to throw grenades at the MRZR then I proceed to blow it up with my MAAWS. Following the explosion of the MRZR, I ran over to RabidKabbage as we were about to get off and I blew us up, following the explosion we exited the server and got off for the night.


Ban was executed by Staff Sergeant Oat.

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Well, I don't see any 'appeal' within this post. Only the admittance of:

  1. Disobeying directly an admins warning, three times
  2. Destruction of friendly assets
  3. Team Killing

If you'd like to post an appeal I will be willing to read it. At this time, the current ban is upheld.

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