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S.O.G Liberation Community Pub Server **Opening Soon** 20220115

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As the name says, Nam is returning finally after this holiday and missions passing by with enough time finally to make it happen.

forgive the poor design as I wanted to get the word out. this server will be hosted by myself with its own TS for inclusion of other Vietnam community units to come together without invading 15th MEU slots needlessly,

this server will focus on realism, Hunger, water, no 3rd person and turbulence...… etc. just to name a few will be in the server. My goal is to make a sound mission that can host 45 (will upgrade down the road when more show).


The server will also be in a way that will focus on less mods so it wont force you to delete mods from this unit to be able to join and my second map will include redux and a mapkey to allow those that don't have the DLC purchased by now to join the server and test out the weapons and gear without being kicked.

I am currently finishing the server rules and settings with battlegroups really being something you must look out for when your in the jungle. I will make a video and put it here when the server is close to launch, any 15th members wishing to help message me and ill bring you on. no time will be taken away from your commitment to the 15th as this is a hobby for others to enjoy a server with there buddies and go into the unknown jungle.


Semper Fi!

Cpl Medina






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Liberation v15

  • Added new buildings to complete a more diverse FOB
  • updated cost to purchase items from the arsenal menu
  • Broken Caps have been removed from map
  • Radio distance has been reworked to make up for terrain loss

Two New Liberation Maps

  • Song Bin Tanh
  • Psyfx


In the case that you encounter a DLC missing kick make sure you have all maps downloaded.
Repair your old Maps, Unsup and Resup

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Liberation v15

  • Fix Bug crashing people trying to join the server (terrain model error)
  • Fix the ability to get a 343 from communications tab (not correct for that time period) so use the 77 when needed and voice to voice for Field Operations
  • Added custom objectives to add flavor to time period
  • Fix certain mission locations that were bugged or put in weird places
  • Put identification marks on map for operations base to know where stuff are located at for new Joins
  • Added jeeps for operation base for needs around the base
  • hunger and thirst has been reworked still takes a few days to be effected by hunger and thirst 
  • Added VC Head Quarters for AO, now the General for the Operation is on the map ... (hidden) 
  • Added Alt Nam Map and Pyst map into Rotation 


Pass word invite your friends to experience what true squad combat in nam was like and to put your leadership traits to the test

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Welcome to Unsung 3.0 Golf!

This is a major release upgrade. In the past months the Unsung team was busy preparing this new Unsung version.

Now onto the changes:

We removed some sounds and music to maintain steam workshop viability, and added a new feature to allow for custom sounds in missions to be played back in helicopters and boats. See this PDF for details: https://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/docs/The%20Unsung%20Custom%20Sounds%20and%20Music.pdf

Londo was very busy in this release cycle and brought to us: new huts, a beta of the PT-76B tank, a M-40 recoilless rifle equipped Mule. He’s also involved with the CH-46D from Odyseus, which we were allowed to port into Unsung.
Quite a few uniforms showed the wrong uniform model and texture in first person view. This was fixed.
The A-1 Skyraider no longer explodes when turned in Zeus deployment mode.
The E-2 Hawkeye radar is now functional.
The PBR boats saw quite a number of updates, one that severely impacted FPS when multiple boats were deployed at the same time on Phuoc Tuy.
The handling and speed of the Sampans were also improved.
Londo created a new fuel consumption script, which can be beta tested on the PBR boats and the M-274 Mule vehicle.
Excessive smoke development when firing the super bazooka and other related hand held launchers was fixed.

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I get immediately kicked out when trying to load in, can you see the logs to see what I'm missing? 


What's the "@NAM" mod? 



I believe I have all required mods, as well as the couple approved client-side mods allowed (although I dont use all of them):


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Update v001 


Hello and welcome to the first update to the Server this one comes with a load of imput i have heard from you the pubs and now i am enlisting your input into my vision.



*New Buildings for FOB to build

*Pilot Slots



*ammo,repair,fuel placement on Carrier

*fixed medical 

*medic class now fixed

*Communication with ACRE (simulate rough terrain) 

*server settings with AI and medical



*Updating to new Liberation

*More items to Arsenal (close to Full Arsenal)

*better attack helocopter

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Update v003


Hello and welcome to the third update to the Server this one comes with a load of imput i have heard from you the pubs 


*More Slot Space

*keys to mod to prevent server lag

*ACRE Animations to client side list




*fixed medical (PAKs now work as long as you are a Corpsman class and can be used anywhere by that class)



Adding (later Today)







more to come thank you for helping me grow

Edited by Cpl Medina
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Update v004


Hello and welcome to the fourth update to the Server this one comes with a load of load-outs released to the unsung community Including new Huey models 


Being Added Mid Afternoon


NL M58 Veldjas
- NL M58 HBT
- NL M78
- haar (NVO)
- OG-107 Fatigues, 1952 (mk1)
- OG-107 Fatigues, 1964 (mk3)
- Tropical Combat Uniform (mk1)
- Tropical Combat Uniform (mk2)
- Tropical Combat Uniform (mk3)
- Tropical Combat Uniform (ERDL)
- T-Shirt w/ TCU trousers
- M1 Helmet (Mitchell Cover)
- M1 Helmet (reverse Mitchell Cover)
- M1 Helmet (ERDL Cover)
- M1 Helmet (NL burlap)
- M1 Helmet (NL DPM)
- M1952A Flak Vest
- M1969 Flak Vest
- M1956 LCE web gear
- M1961 Buttpack
- Lightweight Rucksack w/ frame
- 5.56 bandoleers
- 6 x 4cm bandoleer
- M1961 Gear
- M1961 w/ LCE mix gear
- M1955 Flak Vest
- M1955 Mk2. (d/1967) Flak Vest
- 782 - M1941 (1944 pattern) Haversacks
- 782 - M1941 (1968 nylon pattern) Haversacks
- UH1D (New Helicopter)
- UH1H (New Helicopter) 

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Update v005


Hello and welcome to the fifth update to the Server this one comes with new client mod and and old classic being brought back. And a few more


Being Added Mid Afternoon




Being Added later tonight or midnight 




Being Added later this weekend hopefully




*Replacing OPFOR with different VC units 



thats al for today 

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  • Cpl (Ret) Medina changed the title to S.O.G Liberation Community Pub Server **Opening Soon** 20220115

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