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Hewitt's appeal


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Gamer Name: Rct Hewitt

Date of Ban: 9/18/2019

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Arma

ArmA ID: 76561198271297787

Reason for Ban: Violation of in game rules



I do not feel that the ban was warranted as some but not all complaints against me were made in anger and not objective towards what actually took place. As for rule violations made by me I am remorseful in my actions and would like to continue to play on Arma servers in the future. I regret any negative experiences I caused other members and it is never my intention to cause and harm towards others' gameplay. Furthermore I was warned one time to change my behavior and I headed the warning, however an accidental team kill took place that was negligent on my part but in no way intentional. The person involved in said team kill did not in any way make a complaint but instead a member of the unit took it upon themselves to make one on their behalf solely for the purpose of getting me banned, (as they already knew i was warned the previous day). I am sure the general consensus of my peers would be positive and I believe that I would be an asset to the unit in the future if my ban is lifted. 



Rct Hewitt 

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Mr. Hewitt,


You received several warnings in a few days period for the following infractions on our servers:

  1. Griefing
  2. Team Killing
  3. Racially Charged Comments

One of our admins took time to sit down with you and explain the situation you were in and advised you of the action that would take place if further violations were committed by you. You stated that you understood and would comply with all server rules in the future. Then, barely 24 hours later, you were caught griefing, again. Shooting flares in the FOB even after being warned by an Admin.


You were given far too many chances in my opinion. An admin even took time out of his day to consult with you and warn you of the repercussions if you continued your behavior. As I see it, you were given a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, warning. We very rarely give even 2nd warnings or chances so this ban will not be lifted at this time.

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