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So, I once joined a while ago, never did the training because life managed to kick my ass pretty hard.  Now I am in a better place to actually go through with everything.  But I have been playing on an Alive server with friends, and I was thinking...does the 15th have one? If not, why not? I'm just curious

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There have been several but they typically die off due to lack of understanding or really knowledge of Alive and its massive amount of time and resources required to fine-tune and operate it or due to a lack of interest of people to join it. While Alive can give really great experiences, or just aimless wondering, it does require a lot of server resources to run it and Arma isn't that server friendly, even with "64-bit". Populating towns with realistic garrisons, including bases, COBs, and roaming patrols coupled with numerous players roaming the map in several areas can cause massive problems server-side, IE spawning then creating pathing/attacking sets/garrisons/vehicles/objectives if those were made/the list goes on, which will quickly push to the clients. Or if people take the other side of alive and go for an insurgency style set and have little contact people will eventually get bored due to seeing nothing and a few dedicated members will stay until they eventually quit due to a lack of participation from others. Due to our unit size, it just isn't feasible for us to use it when everything it depends on, including its own core systems, isn't really optimized.

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