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Requesting Info on server restarts/performance

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I have been informed by multiple members of the 15th MEU, including admins, that server restarts should be performed ON AVERAGE every 6-8 hours for optimal server performance, and that a good indication of when a server restart is required is when bodies of slain enemies immediately disappear, instead of falling to the ground to be looted. I want to understand why admins would decline to perform a server restart after 10+ hours of the server being live, after ~3 hours of bodies disappearing immediately, and after requests from multiple players on the server. From what i understand, server restarts can only help server performance, so I just want to understand what the negative effect of a server restart is. After requesting four seperate admins for server restart, i've resorted to the forums to seek a solution/explanation of this problem. Thank you in advance.


-Rct J. D. Rico

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There is no negativ Effekt, its just that not every admin you see can restart the public server.
That is just as simple as it is, normaly if the server starts to acting up just post in the public server discord channel that the server needs a restart and wait.
As soon someone of the public server team or silvershild or higher has time they will restart the server.

PFC Akuna

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