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[Introduction] Sears


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I'm an applicant and thought I would give a brief introduction. My name is Sears and I enjoy solid tactics in MILSIM games in ARMA 3. I play other games such as PUBG and have always been an avid gamer with a wide variety of other games that I play. I have been in other MILSIM units in the past; but that was years ago and I have gathered more interest into returning to ARMA 3.


Currently in real life I am a First Lieutenant S-2 All-Source Intelligence Officer for the Army National Guard; but before that I was an NCO Infantryman with years of experience as a Scout and a Sniper. Civilian side I work for Homeland Security and will be switching over shortly to work with SOF or transition into DIA. 


I am looking forward to the opportunity of being a member of the 15 MEU!




Applicant Sears

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