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Reason: Not requesting the mod just requesting we make the transition form the uh-1h to the uh-60. The uh-60 is a more capable aircraft than the uh-1h and is the backbone of the military today. The uh-60 will still be able to provide the same benefits as the Huey does now and some. No mod would be required for the server because the server already runs the mod with the uh-60 in it. The 60 would just have to be implemented into the server. Missions of the 60 range from CAS,VERTREP, SAR, MCM, sea combat, transport, insert and xfil plus many more. Hopefully you guys see the greater benefits to the uh-60 as I do and decide to make the transition. Very respectfully HR VanVolkenburg.

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we have the uh-60 Blackhawk in the game you can buy it, what you want is the esss version that you can use as a gunship right?.
Most of us use the uh-1h because of the cam/irlaser that thing has and the uh-60 don't. 

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The UH-60 is a United States Army platform.


This unit emulates a United States Marine Corps unit, and is host to HMLA-369, which operates the UH-1Y.


Aircraft such as the UH-60 are available for purchase, but not spawned by default. This is by design. The public server will continue to primarily provide the platforms and services to allow players to function as US Marine Corps units, to effectively display our unit to the public.


The default spawn light transport helicopters will remain UH-1Ys for that reason.

Edited by 1stLt H. Taylor
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I can understand that. I did not know it was purchasable. How would i go about purchasing it? Through the build menu? And to PVT Akuna, im more of a transport pilot not to good at CAS unless its in a fixed wing, so my primary use for it would be PMC.  

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