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Help with mods and joining active unit

W. Morgan

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Alright ao the website feels different, then again i am on my phone. I got a job were I'm off two days a week Sunday and Tuesday usually buut always Sundays. So i also re installed windows so i lost all my stuff and I'm bot sure we're the email is when i first joined and got setup so if i could have help setting up my mods again. As well as we're to ask or re-enlist i guess I've forgot allot I've been super swamped this past year

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Hello and welcome back!

To get you back up and running, take a read through this post here. Sign up and get enlisted at which point a recruiter will be appointed to you to help you directly with getting your mods and getting you back up to scratch as you once were. If you have any further worries or questions, let us know.

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