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More than likely you are either missing some mods or have some extra ones that aren't allowed on the server. We'll need to see either a screenshot of the mods that you have loaded up or of the error message you're getting. 

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3 minutes ago, dispatchd said:

I am getting the mismatch message as well.


Below is a link to the screenshot of my loaded mods.


Loaded Mods


Thanks in advance for your help.

Remove the 15ths mods and Anizay
They are for unit stuff only 

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OK folks i'm a new to this game. I have loaded the Mod Pak as outlined above by Sgt. Zahj. On loading I get this error "ERROR server missing addon(s): BGImprovedSizeOfCompassAndGPS.


Can't seem to find this addon.



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Thanks Lt. You are right on the money. Works great now. 


Now all all I got to do is figure out how to be effective in this outfit. 


Thanks again. PS is there a place to look to see what the current mod list is? Do you just keep the Steam list valid/current?

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