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Working on a Liberation server and a few questions i have is can i change the mobile re spawn vic to something else? when i try to change it to another model it crashes the script. also where can i go to shut off the scroll menu option for virtual arsenal? also how can i add the box with my virtual arsenal into the menu for men to buy it from the Build menu?

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Regarding the first question I would imagine if it's crashing, their may be something in the description or ini that references the CH-53E specifically. 


And the scroll menu option for arsenal normally occurs when the vanilla script is in use, the ACE arsenal see here https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/arsenal-framework.html while similar is a different script. 

EDIT: Assuming you don't mean something more bizarre like the menu appearing well away from the box, which in that case could require some further investigation, or perhaps seeking a different script. 


As for the last question, I would imagine the arsenal's employed in the missions are all linked to a singular script (I could be wrong), that or it's one configured box copy and pasted multiple times on the deck of the boat. If so then answer to question 2 should answer question 3 if it is just copy and paste. 

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