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4th of July Photo Contest


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Summer is officially here for many of our community members and that means it's time for fireworks, celebration, and freedom! To help get the season kicked off right, the S-9 Media Team is hosting a screenshot submission contest. All entries should be submitted via reply to this post or Tweeted to us @15MEUArma. This top submissions will be used to help grow our units social media presence and help grow our recruitment. The best of them will become the header on our Twitter account for the month of July. The winner will also receive an S-9 Challenge Coin.



Details of this contest are as follows:


  • Submissions due by July 3rd.
  • Images should depict the celebration, history, and achievements of American Independence and/or its military.
  • Minimal UI
  • Applying filters or photo manipulation of images is allowed
  • No images should contain the disrespect or malicious activity against any real or fictional persons.
  • Recreation of historical events are allowed
  • Multiple submissions from a single user are allowed
  • All submissions are subject to be shared on our social media accounts
  • The winning image will become our Twitter Header for the reminder of July and receive an S-9 Challenge Coin


Lets see what you've got 15th! Get those submissions in!


Yours truly,

S-9 Media Team

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