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Unban Request


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Gamer Name:  PFC. Buyauskasz

Date of Ban: 6/20/2019


ArmA ID: 76561198096325463


Reason for Ban: Misuse of vehicles


Comments:  I have over the past few days really enjoyed playing this game on the server and been having a lot of fun. I am new to Arma and have only been playing it for about a week or 2. I was with my friend Mateo Ventura and we have been playing this together since I got it and I've really enjoyed it. I am still new to some of these units and trying to understand how they work and why everything is taken so seriously. I now understand why.


I was banned I believe for the misuse of vehicles in game although I was never told why. I got on earlier today to play and saw that I was banned and no reason was given to me. Although I can guess it was because of the incident that happened last night. Basically, some of the guys at base were wanting to go on a mission to capture a town and they took all the vehicles and left Mateo and I behind even though I wanted to go with them. One of them ran over Mateo so he wouldnt be able to get in the humvee with them and they left us back at base.


Mateo and I with no way to get to them, we decided to take the chopper back at base to go off on our own. Since it was clear that they did not want us. When we did, we got too close to an enemy base and we got shot down. We were already low on resources to begin with, so when the group of guys saw that, they got really mad at us and they made threats to ban us and started calling us idiots and such. I responded back in defense telling them to chill, because shit happens and people get shot down.


I don't see how else we were supposed to go somewhere if they had taken all the vehicles. I guess this would go under misusing vehicles because we took vehicles for our transport and they went to waste. Me being new, didn't quite understand this because in all other games I've ever played, vehicles respawn and such. Even in some servers. So I thought this was the case here, but it wasn't. Again I was not told why I was banned, but I assume it was over this incident last night which left us in a heated argument before we all got off. It won't happen again as I now understand the gravity of the situation and how this works.


It was a misunderstanding on my part. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Any update on this? it's been 2 weeks. I heard something about me apparently claiming I didn't speak english on the server? Which is a lie, idk who came up with that. I think it's obvious i do speak english since I had been talking to guys on the server and even made friends with a fellow US Army officer. I'd like to hear back about getting unbanned. I really enjoyed playing on this server. 

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Mr. Buyauskasz,


Please take these last few weeks of waiting into account when you choose to violate our server rules.  Not only did you misuse a costly vehicle, it was reported you also purchased assault boats on Takistan which has no water for them to be used.  This is a huge waste of resources others have worked hard to gather.  This type of behavior is considered trolling and it is not permitted in the slightest. 


Also, it was reported that you fired upon friendlies as they left the base before the offence you were banned for occurred.  Firing on base is never allowed for any reason.  Certainly not out of discontent because someone left you.  When confronted you did not show remorse for your actions and displayed anger toward someone reporting you.  We look for people to take responsibility for their actions regardless what caused them and if it was justified or not.  Your above appeal mentions nothing about being kicked for firing upon friendlies.


Moving forward we are not looking to dispute what did or did not occur. Your ban will be lifted sometime today when the server can be reset.  I highly suggest you do not put yourself in a position to be kicked or banned again as next time the ban will stay in place.

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Thank you, I appreciate the unban. I was a new player to Arma at the time, and I had no idea how resources worked or any of that. I was testing stuff because I wanted to try out new things. I am very knowledgeable now and won't happen again. As for the arguments with others, it was banter on both sides, but it's like arguing with a cop. Won't go anywhere. Again, thank you. 

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