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10 minutes ago, Cpl M. Chavez said:

As far as I'm aware for GCE, the SSO's are the only units allowed to run a DMR Loadout.

Infantry platoons are allowed to run 1x DMR, 1xM32, 1xMAAWS, per squad. Only someone in the SSO billet may use the MAAWS. If the DMR or M32 is not being utilized by the SSO, the DMR may be used by anyone else in the squad that is a qualified DRM and is currently in an AR billet. The M32 may be used by anyone that is qualified and is in the Grenadier billet.

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2 hours ago, SSgt C. Russell said:

What these fine gentlemen are trying to say is; we don't offer 0317 Scout Snipers.

It is very much an ongoing meme :) 

Is it really though 😉


So @Schwifty there are people that can employ a DMR. That's about as close as it gets. The reason is you're going to get bored doing scout sniper or STA stuff in missions. There are also engine limitations within ARMA that make it difficult to conduct a proper sniper spotter routine. Also, nine out of ten times your job is to report observations to the commander. And we already have an asset in place to do that one way or another.  Which is either faster, much more efficient, or at the very least more flexible. Now that being said we may or may not have the ability to employ sniper weapons systems of varying degree. When appropriate. 

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