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So for those audio nerds in the 15th I am audio dumb. Plug it in and go. But it has come to need to do some audio work in my computer room so I have a difficult question that the web has so far not provided me with a satisfying answer.


What it is I need to happen:

I need to take audio sources on my pc and make them separate channels and go to different outputs.

So for the example lets take the follow three as they are the most likely to be the audio sources in question.



Voice Chat


I need to send the music to a separate audio source and would not mind being able to control all three via a mixer how ever the main goal is to get audio to go out to a separate source than everything else.If anyone knows a good way to do this please help. Again I dont mind moving to a mixer setup if thats what it takes I just couldn't find any hard facts on how to do such a thing. 

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Would this be after recording or during? During recording all I can tell you is OBS Studio has a multiple audio channel setup under advanced Audio and after just use Audacity for all your audio needs other than that I don't know :(

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I could do this with my current headset, but not before.  Doing two outputs at same time isnt hard, doing three I have no idea how you'd do without a setup like mine.


For christmas I got the Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless surround sound headset (https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-7).  It has a USB wireless broadcaster that plugs into my PC.  Windows picks it up as two devices by design, one called "Headset earphone" and the other call "Headphones".  On my headset there is a volume wheel on one ear, and a "mix" wheel on the other with a detent in the middle.  I also have speakers plugged into my PC via 3.5MM jack.


What this /could/ allow me to do is...


Launch Winamp or other media player, set output to speakers and I have music going on speakers

Launch Teamspeak and set it to put audio out through the Headset earphone device

Set windows default sound item to Headphones, all programs use that output for audio unless configured otherwise (See winamp/TS example above)


I dont utilize it like that, but I could if I wanted to (call me old fashioned).


What I did before my current headset was to have a USB headset (wired/wireless doesnt matter) and the speakers via 3.5MM jack.  Set windows default to speakers, and the headset as the output device in teamspeak. This allowed me to split game audio and teamspeak to a higher level.


/MOST/ programs have the ability to tell them in their settings what audio output you want to use.  Hopefully my post made sense.

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