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Windows stuck on booting screen after adding ram

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Hi everyone,


I recently received some 'old' pc parts as a late christmas gift which I have used to set up a new gaming rig.


I'm currently using an Intel core I7 2600k thats overclocked to 4.5 Ghz.

I swapped over the old AMD Radeon HD 6670 for an ASUS ROG GTX 1060 OC 6GB.

I using a Gigabyte Z68AP D-3 for the MOBO and a Corsair TX 650 M as the PSU.

I currently have G.SKILL RIPJAWS 16gb (2x8) DDR3 1333 RAM installed.


The ram came as a pack of 32gb  (4x8) and I would like to install the other 2 sticks now.

I have no issues at all using 16gb right now but I'd like to utilize the other 2 sticks that I have laying around.


(When I insert the other 2 sticks my W10 boots to the loading screen but stays there in an infinite loop.

The sticks are all seated in the correct order and are firmly locked in place like they should be.

I didn't mess around with any of the voltages / timings yet but I have read that this might fix it. (I just want to verify here if this is a possible fix or not).



Does anyone here know how to fix this?

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So your MOBO and CPU only support dual channel memory, so it is possible the BIOS/UEFI needs to be setup to accommodate the extra two sticks, a good way to test this, is to swap out the original two sticks for the two new ones in the original two slots and see if it boots, if it does, it is likely a configuration issue, if not, it is likely an issue with one of the new sticks

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