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Public Server Down / Creating Mode

M. Cartwright

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Since I've joined I haven't seen the Public Server online once. I'm not sure if you guys are aware it is down, but I have been trying to connect to it periodically since last week to either not be able to find it, or it be in "creating mode." 


I'd like to be able to connect to it so that I can play on it, and game with other 15th members in between my upcoming training. Aside from ITB, I don't see a place where I can interact and play with other 15th members. 

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Aside from the public server, you are welcome to fill in for any infantry training (Archer 1, Archer 2, Archer 4). I recommend squad or platoon-sized events. Check the Calendar (under Resources), the Master Roster (under About Us), and squad and platoon TeamSpeak channels to confirm training times.

About 15 minutes before the event starts, ask the squad or platoon leader if you can fill in. Most will say yes! (If they say no, tell me and I'll hunt them down and guilt them)


Side note to any team, squad, or platoon leader. If you see Mr. Cartwright, or any SOI student, in TS and you're about to have a training, say hello and invite them. This IS a social group, after all. ;)

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