15th MEU Realism Unit - Specialized Position

The few the proud

HM-8404 Corpsman

Without question there is nothing more important to the Marine unit than their detached Navy brothers: The HM-8404 Corpsman. Specifically attached to the combat unit, these highly-trained individuals integrate seamlessly into the unit as a life-saving member. 'Corpsman up' is a phrase drilled into every Marine, and every corpsman takes their duty to save the lives of their Devil Dogs seriously, and with grace, ducking between bullets and around the shouts of those around them to get their wounded comrades.

Roles of the HM-8404 Corpsman:

Squad Corpsman
Platoon Corpsman
Company Corpsman


0372 Critical Skills Operator

Swift. Silent. Deadly. These three words are the epitome of the Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT), perfectly describing what they are charged with. These highly trained warriors are the most professional and deadly of any in the Unit. Many individuals work their entire career to get into this group of elite warriors. Exactly what they do and how are secrets kept to themselves.

Roles of the 0372 Critical Skills Operator:

MSOT Team Member
MSOT Assistant Element Leader
MSOT Element Leader


8002 Joint Terminal Attack Controller

Battlespace manipulation is the name of the game for the 8002 Joint Terminal Attack Controller. While the JTAC carries the M4 Carbine like every Marine, their main weapon is their brain and a handset radio. The JTAC is responsible for the Infantry Company's tracking and employment of the supporting air assets of the area; not only do they need to know where every aircraft is in the area, but they must know the perfect airframe and ordinance required for the job at hand. Overseeing the entire battlespace through the scope of their binoculars, the JTAC assists the Company Commander by guiding in supporting aircraft to destroy direct threats to the Rifle Company.

Roles of the 8002 Joint Terminal Attack Controller:

Company JTAC
MSOT JTAC (0861 Fire Support Marine)


Non-Commissioned Officer

To call the Non-Commissioned Officer the 'backbone' of any unit may be cliche, but it makes it no less true. The NCO wears all the hats; he is a rifleman, a tactician, a teacher, a disciplinarian, a counselor, a follow, and a leader. In every unit the NCO is the one person everyone looks to for direction and example, while simultaneously being the one leaned upon to implement and make successful teachings and new works. It is one of the most demanding roles in the unit, being looked at by both sides of new e-Marines and officers. It is also one of the most rewarding, being able to look at the unit and say that they are the one to make it that way.

Roles of the Non-Commissioned Officer:

Team Leader
Vehicle Commander
Squad Leader
Section Leader
Platoon Sergeant
Company Gunnery Sergeant
Company First Sergeant
MEU Sergeant Major


Commanding Officer

Highly trained and respected, the Commanding Officer is the end-all of every Marine unit. Every decision is the responsibility of the Commanding Officer, and it on their shoulders to take care of their e-Marines and their unit. Nothing is treated with more levity and severity than the selection process of the Commanding Officer, or the execution of their duties. Excellence is demanded at every turn, and failure to do so impacts not only upon the officer themself, but their unit as a whole. Every one of our officers comes with experience within the unit, and are given the tools to succeed in their post. It is their responsibility to get the job done. The prosperity of the unit and the enjoyment of the e-Marines under their command is under their direct control. It is not a role to be embarked upon lightly.

Roles of the Commanding Officer:

ACE Commanding Officer
ACE Executive Officer
Company Executive Officer
Company Commanding Officer
MEU Executive Officer
MEU Commanding Officer
Platoon Commander


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