15th MEU Realism Unit - Aviation Combat Element

Guardians of the Sky

7563 UH-1 Pilot

The 'Angel' of the e-Marine, the UH-1 is extremely talented in its ground support role. The Huey can insert e-Marines directly into the combat zone, retreat back for overwatch, and pass on any intelligence of enemy movement. When supplies are needed the UH-1 can deftly drop into any zone and disperse ammunition to the e-Marines. On top of that, it has the capabilities to fire its own ammunition for most close air support situations. At the end of the day the Huey pilot is there for the e-Marine to take them home from the front line. The Huey pilot is fearless and adaptable to any situation, and capable of not only contributing but controlling the surrounding battlespace.

Roles of the 7563 UH-1 Pilot:

UH-1 Co-Pilot
UH-1 Aircraft Commander
UH-1 Detachment Commander
ACE Command


7565 AH-1 Pilot

The King of Overwatch. The AH-1's sole responsibility is to protect the e-Marine on the ground. Capable of flying in the open air or hugging the earth, the AH-1 is powerfully armed with ordnance to destroy high-level threats to the ground combat unit. The AH-1 pilot, and the co-pilot gunner, take direction from their partnered UH-1 or a ground JTAC, or their own cognizance, to look over and protect every angle of the combat unit in the area to keep the mission moving forward and insure its success.

Roles of the 7565 AH-1 Pilot:

AH-1 Co-Pilot
AH-1 Aircraft Commander
AH-1 Section Leader
AH-1 Detachment Commander
ACE Command


7564 CH-53 Pilot

The CH-53 is the workhorse of the aviation unit. The CH-53 aircrew is the primary go-to for insertion the e-Marine combat element, via a multitude of methods; the aiframe can land in an open field, lower its ramp to a building's roof, support fast ropes, or drop its passengers directly into the open ocean for them to continue on silently. The job doesn't end at insertion, however, as a constant flow of troops and supplies to the front line is important. Troops can ride into the battle during the CH-53's continuous circuit between its home base and the battlefield, and supplies can be loaded into its cargo bay or attached to a sling rope underneath. Light vehicles can even be supplied to the ground units by slinging them underneath the CH-53.

Roles of the 7564 CH-53 Pilot:

CH-53 Co-Pilot
CH-53 Aircraft Commander
CH-53 Section Leader
CH-53 Detachment Commander
ACE Command


7509 AV-8B Pilot

The Harrier is the guardian of the battlefield. The AV-8B's responsibilities are many. Among those responsibilities are to stabilize and maintain air superiority. Doing so allows valuable breathing space for both the ground and air elements of the 15th MEU RU. The AV-8B is also more than capable of dropping a variety of air to ground ordnance at the direction of a ground controller. The Harrier's superior speed & STOL allows it to take-off from any airstrip & LHD at any time for quick, efficient, and effective response. At the end of the day, the AV-8B pilot's goal is to keep the peace by fiercely hunting those who dare to disrupt it.

Roles of the 7508 AV-8B Pilot:

AV-8B Pilot
AV-8B Section Leader
AV-8B Detachment Commander
ACE Command


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