15th MEU Realism Unit - Ground Combat Element

First to fight

0311 Rifleman

There is no job more versatile, more deadly, or more important on the battlefield than the Marine Rifleman. They are not only experts in small arms weapons and tactics, but also ambassadors and humanitarians. The rifleman is the heart of the Marine mission: To locate, close with, and destroy the enemy, by fire and maneuver, or repel the enemy assault by fire and close combat. Armed with the M4 Carbine or the M27 IAR, the 13-man Rifle Squad are the scouts, assault troops, and close combat forces of the Marine combat unit, and the foundation of the mission of the Marine Corps. They are not only door kickers, however, as they are also sometimes the first Americans some foreign civilians ever see, and are just as able to hand out food packs as they are to send rounds downrange.

Roles of the 0311 Rifleman:

Automatic Rifleman
Fire Team Leader
Squad Systems Operator
Assistant Squad Leader


0331 Machine Gunner

Next to the 0311 Rifleman there may be no more important role on the battlefield in the Infantry Company than the 0331 Machine Gunner. Responsible for the expertise and employment of his weapon system, the M240B Medium Machine Gun, the Machine Gunner is the first aspect of 'combined arms' to work with the Rifle Platoon. Whether by overwatching the assault of the Rifle Platoon or directly tied into the Rifle Squads, the Machine Gun Section of Weapons Platoon is there every step of the way to assist and protect the Rifleman.

Roles of the 0331 Machine Gunner:

Machine Gunner
Assistant Machine Gunner
Machine Gun Team Leader
Machine Gun Squad Leader
Machine Gun Section Leader


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