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    Proposals can - and should - be submitted using the new form linked at the end of this post. This form will have everything: The date of submission, a field for the full proposal, a field for pros and cons, a field for links, and co-writers. This form will be posted to a subforum that all Platoon HQ and above members can see, where it will then be closely monitored by the entire Chain of Command from there up.

    Proposals, after being submitted, will be assigned to a group within 3 days. Any proposal that doesn't need to be dealt with by Command Staff (major changes) will be dealt with by their sections: ex. Infantry-only proposals (ex. removal of all M249s from Rifle Platoon use) will be assigned to, and dealt with, by the company HQs.

    After being assigned the proposal with have a further 4-6 days (totaling 1 week from submission to this point) to be deliberated and decided on. That decision can be a denial, approval, needs more time, or pushed up to higher HQ. Regardless of the outcome, at the end of that week communication must be given to the person who submitted the proposal as to what is going on with it. (Note: If after 1 week you have not heard back, you NEED to contact your Platoon HQ and check on it). Any approval or denial will be denoted on the post containing the proposal so that all Platoon HQ and above can see it and know the outcome, in case communication fails and someone needs to seek their Platoon HQ. It will also be denoted when the person who submitted the proposal has been informed of the result.

    This will, hopefully, provide a better way for proposals to go through the unit and actually be received, instead of people never hearing about them because they got lost, didn't submit them, or was never communicated back to, and thus people believing we don't actually care what you think. Because we do.



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