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    *Official unit time is Central Time. All times posted are in the Unit time unless otherwise indicated.

  • Operation Times and Your Time Zone

    MEU HQ

    15th MEU Realsim Unit operations happen at 19:00CST on Sundays, that's 7:00pm Central Standard Time in time zone GMT -6, and typically last no more than 3 hours.


    To calculate the time operation time in your time zone take the operation time (19:00CST / 7pm / GMT -6), add the offset to get back to 0 GMT (+6), add your own time zone offset (see picture below). If you are in or east of time zone GMT -1 (Azores or Cape Verde) you will be into the Monday.


    • Example: France (GMT +1) = 7pm + 6 (to get back to 0 GMT) + 1 = from 2am Monday morning until 5am (02:00 to 05:00) your time.
    • Example: eastern Australia (GMT +10) = 7pm + 6 (to get back to 0 GMT) + 10 = 11am Monday morning until 2pm (11:00 to 14:00) your time.
    • Example:  Hawaii (GMT -10) = 7pm + 6 (to get back to 0 GMT) - 10 = 3pm Sunday afternoon until 6pm (15:00 to 18:00) your time.

    ***Please also note, the 15th observes Daylight Savings Time when the U.S. switches to it. Please plan that accordingly when the time comes.


    Daylight savings time in North America lasts from:


    2015  March 8    to  November 1
    2016  March 13  to  November 6
    2017  March 12  to  November 5
    2018  March 11  to  November 4




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