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    15th Officer Academy


    The 15th Officer Academy is the system through which new officers are screened and selected. The system includes an Application Phase, an Interview and Approval Phase, a Candidate Training and Awaiting Phase, and a Final Selection and Approval Phase. The system utilizes an Officer Academy Shortlist, which is limited to a maximum of 5 positions at any given time. When an open officer position is filled, a vacancy will be created on the shortlist. From time-to-time a selection process will occur to attempt to fill the position that has opened. A minimum of 48 Hours notice will be given before the start of a selection process in order to allow an last-minute applications or updates.


    Officer Positions filled through the Officer Academy:

    • Rifle Platoon Commander
    • Weapons Platoon Commander
    • Tank Platoon Commander
    • AAV Platoon Commander
    • LED Commanding Officer

    Application Process
    When the selection process begins, all applications submitted within the last 3 months are reviewed. This means if you submit an application that is more than 3 months old, you must either send MEU HQ a PM stating you wish to renew your existing application, or you may submit a new application. If you wish to update your application to reflect new positions you have obtained, etc., you may submit a new application. Do not spam applications (i.e. more than 1 per 2-3 months).


    Applicants must meet the following requirements, both at the time of filing an application and at the time of selection:

    • Minimum rank of LCpl
    • Active duty for the past 30 days
    • Minimum age of 18
    • No major disciplinary actions within the last 6 months (Formal Disciplinary Actions, probation, major NJPs)
    • Must have completed all NCO Courses

    Interview and Approval Phase
    After the 48 hours notice is concluded, all applications will be reviewed by MEU HQ. A selection of the applicants will be made, and these applicants will be given an interview. Upon the selection of a candidate by MEU HQ, Command Staff will approve or deny the selection. If selected, the candidate (and only the candidate) will be informed of their acceptance to the Academy and their position on the Officer Shortlist.

    Candidate Training and Awaiting Phase
    Once on the Officer Shortlist, the candidate will remain in their current billet and maintain their current rank (in other words, they continue as though everything is normal). The candidate must complete The Basic School within 60 days of selection, as well as the forthcoming SNCO Academy (to be announced soon). They will not be considered for an officer position until they have completed the training (unless no other candidates have completed training). During their time in the Awaiting Phase, candidates are required to attend and observe (sit quietly, unless current billet allows for participation) at least 1 Op/FTX planning meeting per month. They may not transfer to reserves (or to a collateral duty billet as full-time), and they are expected to have no disciplinary issues. Any disciplinary actions will result in a review by MEU HQ to determine if they should remain on the shortlist. A candidate may choose to be removed from the shortlist at any time by sending a PM stating so to MEU HQ.

    Final Selection and Approval Phase
    When a position opens on the shortlist, all current members of the shortlist will be moved up (if possible). When an officer position becomes available, the HQ above the vacancy (Company HQ for infantry, MEU HQ for supporting assets) will review (and possibly interview) the candidate in the #1 position. If they wish to pass on the candidate, they may (with valid reason); at which time they will review the #2 candidate. Again, they may pass on the candidate. If they pass on all valid candidates, an offer must be made to the #1 candidate. The HQ may not back-track to a previous candidate (i.e. review #3 then jump back to #2). Once a selection is made, the candidate's name is sent to Command Staff for final approval, and then the candidate is Offered the position.

    Once Offered, the candidate may choose to either accept or decline the position. The candidate may only decline 2 positions offered. If the candidate declines a third, they are immediately removed from the shortlist. If all valid candidates decline a position, MEU HQ and Command Staff will take proper action to fill the vacancy ASAP. Upon acceptance, the candidate will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and be re-assigned to their new section.


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