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  • Do Not Post Political or Religious Threads

    Command Staff

    Posting of NEWS is not the same as a political or religious thread.  What is meant by Political and Religious are threads/discussions about political or religious views.  Let's put it this way:


    Okay to post-
    "The Government has issued a new hand-gun law requiring..." (But DO NOT go into YOUR VIEWS/REPLY WITH YOUR VIEWS on the matter)
    "The Vatican has officially supported evolution today"(But DO NOT go into YOUR VIEWS/REPLY WITH YOUR VIEWS on the matter)
    "Presidential Candidate John Doe went to Antarctica to personally defend the whales from Japanese Whalers"(But DO NOT go into YOUR VIEWS/REPLY WITH YOUR VIEWS on the matter)
    "Remember, National Elections are coming up in X days.  Don't care who you vote for, just Go Vote!"


    Do not post-
    "Hey guys, what do you think about gun control?"
    "I think evolution exists; what do you think?"
    "John Doe is the Purple Candidate" (reason being this is a strictly partisan story and will spur nothing but political discussion)
    "You should vote for..."

    There is a difference between what is news and factual, and what is political/religious views.  EVERYTHING that happens has some form of ties to either religion or politics; that does NOT make it a political/religious thread.


    This thread is about what the US government is doing.  Is it political in the sense that it is coming from Washington, yes.  But it is not political in that it is an attempt to stir a partisan debate; it's a report of what is actually happening. 


    TLDR: If you don't understand what the rule means, STOP TRYING TO ENFORCE IT.


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