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  • Disrespecting the USA and the US Military, and other services

    Command Staff

    These are not my words, but they are words that I, along with most if not all 15th members in a leadership billet will and should enforce.




    Some of you are not getting the warnings. Yet again a member has sat in the 15th MEU Ventrilo and been disrespectful to another member, has talked trash about the United States and her military, or has disrespected my Marine Corps.


    I have fielded several complaints in the past two weeks about several members doing some or all of the above. Why have you joined this unit if you want to trash talk? Well...



    If you feel the need to make disrespectful comments about the United States, the Marine Corps, or the United States military; you might as well send in your resignation to the 15th this very moment. Because the next complaint I get that is substantiated and I will fight tooth and nail for your remove from the unit with a global ban in place. You have obviously joined the wrong unit and we will no longer provide you a personal play ground for ArmA at any expense.


    Side Note: This does not mean that disrespecting any other foreign service is approved or condoned, within this unit.


    This post was focused on the US, because that has been what a majority of complaints are based on. And this disrespect has come from both U.S.A. based players as well as citizens of foreign countries.


    But regardless; this is a United States Marine Corps based realism unit. And YOU joined it, so I have zero sympathy for you if you have to endure a certain level of ribbing (not disrespect) of other services, foreign or otherwise. If you have issue with it, resign.

    That is All,
    Sgt Patrick Tigernan
    USMC '91-'99


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