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  1. GySgt T. Caron

    Alive Server

    There have been several but they typically die off due to lack of understanding or really knowledge of Alive and its massive amount of time and resources required to fine-tune and operate it or due to a lack of interest of people to join it. While Alive can give really great experiences, or just aimless wondering, it does require a lot of server resources to run it and Arma isn't that server friendly, even with "64-bit". Populating towns with realistic garrisons, including bases, COBs, and roaming patrols coupled with numerous players roaming the map in several areas can cause massive problems server-side, IE spawning then creating pathing/attacking sets/garrisons/vehicles/objectives if those were made/the list goes on, which will quickly push to the clients. Or if people take the other side of alive and go for an insurgency style set and have little contact people will eventually get bored due to seeing nothing and a few dedicated members will stay until they eventually quit due to a lack of participation from others. Due to our unit size, it just isn't feasible for us to use it when everything it depends on, including its own core systems, isn't really optimized.
  2. GySgt T. Caron

    This public server

    Do not run advanced sling, the CBA settings (they are server side only and will throw errors.), any of the 15th packs, or anizay. The updated mods that are required for the server are located in the channel description or here https://15thmeu.net/index.php?/forums/topic/170-15th-meu-soc-official-public-server-information/
  3. GySgt T. Caron

    Missing Data

    He isn't talking about perscom, just his normal profile. According to the Master Spreadsheet, you didn't complete CPLC103 and we don't have access to the old forums at this time to double check anything.
  4. GySgt T. Caron

    Sgt T. Caron

  5. GySgt T. Caron

    Sgt T. Caron

  6. GySgt T. Caron

    Tanoa FPS error

    Not to be that guy but 10 minutes for "stress tests" is nothing. The sets ran will also give varied results. Burn in tests for overclocking is recommended for at least 24+ hours to be "stable" . I'd say run them again or run a memtest to see if that is also an issue.
  7. GySgt T. Caron

    [ACCEPTED] Caron Application

    First Name: Tyler Last Name: Caron Age: 24 Desired Duty Assignment: 0311 Rifleman How long have you been playing ArmA III?: Since Alpha Are you currently in an ArmA III gaming clan or unit?: No How did you find out about us?: Don't remember If you were recruited by one of our members, who was it?: Why do you want to join the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit?: ArmA III Player ID: 76561197994607910 Steam Name: Zul99 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zul99/ Do you understand that as of 30SEP2017 you will be required to own Arma 3 Apex DLC in order to actively participate in the unit?: Yes Please check your user profile and ensure that the email address you registered with is correct. Have you done this?: Yes Have you read and understood the definition of Realism Gaming and do you agree to abide by it?: Yes Have you read and understood the requirements for our unit and the criteria for being active and taking a billet in this unit and that failure to complete said criteria will place you into the reserve platoon?: Yes You understand the fact that this unit is a CST (GMT -6) time zone based unit, and the attendance requirements of operations on Sundays at 1900 CST (0100 GMT)?: Yes
  8. GySgt T. Caron

    New Forum Check-In

    Name (including initials): T. Caron Rank: Sgt Billet: Squad Leader Section: Gambler 3-2 Are you Game Admin Qualified: Yes Additional Duties (S-Shops or Instructors): S-2 Zeus, S-4 Mission/QA Team Link to SMF Profile: http://15thmeu.net/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=10666

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