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  1. CHANGELOG 26FEB2020 Arsenal changed from full to whitelist with only blufor, limited greenfor, and limited vanilla assets to prevent misidentification of friendly forces. - Credit J. Lane Misc Syntax errors fixed - Credit J. Lane Vehicles purchase list updated to include M-ATV, M-ATV Socom variants, and the CH-53 GAU21. Lowered resource costs for various vehicles. CH-53 GAU21 Added to all maps via the carrier or land bases Fixed Crate placement for the CH-53 -Credit N. Harrison Updated Journal Public Rules, Teamspeak information, and Misc information. Updated the Recruiting sign with the proper ranks and names. - Credit B. D. Stewart Changed versions to be uniform and match the newest update. Removed VCOM as it was bugging out the vanilla AI (expect grenades and rpgs now) Changed version to R6.5 Issues that we're aware of: Sign text doesn't currently match, fixed with next update. Boxes clip inside of each other when loaded into the CH-53, workaround is them glitching into the top of the rear compartment.
  2. After some testing and measuring the CH-53E Gau will be added but as an extra helicopter spawn without the ability to store cargo due to its rear gun blocking access to the ramp. It will be available on spawn from the carrier and land where able along with being added to the vehicle list at a reduced price compared to the base CH-53E due to its inability to store cargo.
  3. Currently looking into this to make sure it doesn't affect any of the liberation scripts or custom changes we made. The bug has been fixed as well.
  4. At the time of this post the server was experiencing a few problems and ended up crashing about shortly after due to a memory problem. The server was restarted and you should be able to join. For rule of thumb if you sit on a black screen for more then 20-30 seconds there is typically a problem with the server or it is under heavy load and just isn't receiving the connections. The server will usually eventually catch up but sometimes it doesn't, a full restart will always fix this while a mission restart may fix it.
  5. They are, the links for them are located in the channel description for the Public Server and in the Steam Workshop Collection located here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1646797655
  6. @Capt De Munck Please no not use others post for requesting your own mods. Use this Form if you wish to do so.
  7. Make sure you are running the 64-bit client, you can turn on parameters within the Arma 3 launcher like World set to empty to avoid it caching more ram, you can turn on ram allocations, and if you ever change over to an intel chip make sure to turn on hyper threading if the chip supports it. But as others have said it is a CPU and Ram heavy game so higher clock speeds, cache, and cores will typically give better performance and having under 8gb of ram will lead to crashes from memory leaks. The maps and missions depending on the maker can have terrible memory leaks, we heavily vet our maps and missions to avoid these problems but Arma is Arma and it will always do what it wants.
  8. Resolved 03JAN20 Cardiac arrest timer raised from 2 to 4 minutes Self IV and Self Stitching enabled All slots set to doctor for the use of fluids and ability to see pulse/bp Keep in mind these settings are only for the public server and will not necessarily be the settings for the 15ths Operations/ITX/Socex Cycles.
  9. CHANGELOG 02JAN20 All Liberation Missions have had their player template updated to support the ace update. All units are now set as a doctor to solve the inability to push fluids, check pulse, and check blood pressure. The M1240A1 M-ATV Desert and Woodland has been added to the respective maps while the army variant has been removed. Adjusted the OPFOR infantry presets so there should be more rifleman than machine gunners. Mission version changed to V6.4
  10. For reference, you are downloading these correct? If so unsubscribe from them then go into your Arma directory and there is a folder called !workshop (X:\Program Files (x86)\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop) and delete the ace compat folders and resubscribe to them. After that open the default Arma launcher through steam and once it says that mods were downloaded or installed try to connect again. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773131200 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773125288 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884966711
  11. LCpl Miles, The point of the OPFOR assets are to the be opposition, not an intermittent ride when BLUFOR assets are not available or have "run their course". No one should be going out of their way to capture, retain, and actively use the assets as it can cause someone to target them since they are still OPFOR assets. I can understand if the vehicle is damaged but in a repairable state and then taken back to base for the resources. With that said your request is Denied for the replacement of the Ka-52 for the Mi-28N. The purpose of the Ka-50 is to be a reconnaissance/combat helicopter with a static ceiling of 4k, in game it will usually sit around 1-1.5k above the combat zones then come down to strike and fly back up. There are also 2 attack helicopters already in the vehicle list along with the Frogfoot for fast attack so the Mi-28N currently as no place. If you have any questions feel free to message myself. GySgt T. Caron
  12. HR Speigel, At this time we are denying this due to already having a dedicated Jet mod, the AV-8B, that can fulfill the roles of the above jets and 3 transport Helicopters and 2 attack helicopters already on the server for use. The non-USMC vehicles that are allowed on the server currently fill positions that are not completely filled by USMC vehicles, have more capability than the USMC versions within their respective roles (Armament, available seating, etc), or are positions that do not currently have a vehicle within the mods we use, for example the Bradley. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to submit them. GySgt T. Caron.
  13. There have been several but they typically die off due to lack of understanding or really knowledge of Alive and its massive amount of time and resources required to fine-tune and operate it or due to a lack of interest of people to join it. While Alive can give really great experiences, or just aimless wondering, it does require a lot of server resources to run it and Arma isn't that server friendly, even with "64-bit". Populating towns with realistic garrisons, including bases, COBs, and roaming patrols coupled with numerous players roaming the map in several areas can cause massive problems server-side, IE spawning then creating pathing/attacking sets/garrisons/vehicles/objectives if those were made/the list goes on, which will quickly push to the clients. Or if people take the other side of alive and go for an insurgency style set and have little contact people will eventually get bored due to seeing nothing and a few dedicated members will stay until they eventually quit due to a lack of participation from others. Due to our unit size, it just isn't feasible for us to use it when everything it depends on, including its own core systems, isn't really optimized.
  14. Do not run advanced sling, the CBA settings (they are server side only and will throw errors.), any of the 15th packs, or anizay. The updated mods that are required for the server are located in the channel description or here https://15thmeu.net/index.php?/forums/topic/170-15th-meu-soc-official-public-server-information/
  15. He isn't talking about perscom, just his normal profile. According to the Master Spreadsheet, you didn't complete CPLC103 and we don't have access to the old forums at this time to double check anything.
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