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  1. @2ndLt(T) Isaacsafter a hard day of honest work
  2. Some formation flight practice with @Capt Degeratu
  3. Flying with Capt Degeratu and practicing parade formation flight in DCS
  4. Conway

    Mod Issues

    You're running ACRE & RHS Compat GREF twice, see if disabling the non-steam RHS Compat and keeping the ACRE 15th controlled works.
  5. You can try changing "meu_f35b_c" with "meu_f35b", should be the only change needed as the new F-35 mod has the same classname as the previous one.
  6. I'll be posting some videos & screenshots here occasionally, below are some screenshots taken over the years in ACE;
  7. Have you tried disabling STHUD? Maybe it has something to do with that.
  8. ACE mismatch doesn't necessarily mean ACE itself is the problem, usually, it tells you in the chat what mods are causing the issue. The most common problem I've seen is people logging in with the improper version of CBA, so make sure you have the unit's CBA which is version 3.4.1.
  9. Conway

    Missing Sup_flash

    I assume you're talking about ace_flashsuppressors.pbo? Try deleting your @15thACE folder then go to Arma3Sync, check files and re-download it. Alternatively, if that fails you can go here scroll to the bottom and download 15th ACE from one of the two links. Hope that helps.
  10. Don't worry about that, this means that the server isn't running the abramia map and you are. You have no other errors so it looks like your mods are fine.
  11. Are you using the RHS or 15th AH1?
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