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Capt Degeratu

7509 Pilot, AV-8B Qualified




Aviation Combat Element

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  1. Capt Degeratu

    Flight Simulator Controls

    To echo @Capt Z. P. Wilson, I started with the X55 back in the day and while i dont recommend it, the X56 is a solid improvement on its predecessor. I would 100% recommend starting with that and then after a few years investing in either a Thrustmaster Warthog(with the upgraded pedals) or with a setup from Virpil. Also, if you also have the spare cash, i suggest you 100% invest in TrackIR. It's probably the best addition to any flight sim setup and i cannot recommend it enough.
  2. Capt Degeratu

    Media Thread | ITX 07-19

  3. Capt Degeratu

    Turtle's Media Thread

    Audio settings reset at start sooooo part of it has no audio lol
  4. Capt Degeratu

    Turtle's Media Thread

    Archer 1 Platoon Training
  5. Capt Degeratu

    Turtle's Media Thread

    OP AW 04-19
  6. Capt Degeratu

    Turtle's Media Thread

    OP AW 02-19
  7. Capt Degeratu

    Streamer Thread | Operation Ardent Warrior 04-19

    Name: Capt Degeratu Twitch URL: https://www.twitch.tv/turtleimpaler Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/TurtleImpaler Webcam: No
  8. Capt Degeratu

    Media Thread | Ardent Warrior 02-19

  9. Capt Degeratu

    Media Thread | NSO 07-19 Mantis Resolve

    My stream got oddly cutoff at the start so heres part of my stream. Also ARA ARA, onichan de munk and rust have found the secret skin...
  10. Capt Degeratu

    15th Discord

    Not sure if this is the right place, but is discord down? I’m not seeing it anymore, but my other discord’s are running fine...
  11. Capt Degeratu

    Media Thread | ITX 06-19

  12. Capt Degeratu

    Turtle's Media Thread

  13. Capt Degeratu

    Media Thread | ITX 03-19

  14. Capt Degeratu

    Turtle's Media Thread

    Testing a bug with the AGM-179 JAGM vs the GBU-53 SDB. Show's you a little bit into how we use the main 2 munitions on the F-35B and how we typically go about attacking a target(relatively speaking). For those wondering, issue was the tracking method on the JAGM. Missile was set to top-down attack, where on the SDB it is set to standard(aka direct ingress to target). We believe the top-down option was causing the tracking issue on moving vehicles.
  15. Capt Degeratu

    Turtle's Media Thread

    First and only time you'll probably ever see 4x Avengers in the same taskforce Guiding MSOT into a rooftop to bag an enemy RO

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