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  1. Thank you Colonel for your fast responses. I have submitted my appeal through the proper channels. Thank you, Cpl Dague
  2. That being said, I am banned from Discord, Public Server, and Teamspeak if I am not mistaken. Would that all fall under that appeal with MEUHQ?
  3. Gamer Name: B. Dague Date of Ban: Sept 2020 ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Both ArmA ID: N/A in master spreadsheet Reason for Ban: BCD due to bad conduct of a member of the 15th. Comments: I would like to resume gaming with the 15th. I have taken the last year to reflect and repair my character as needed.
  4. I have spent almost a year away. I have learned from my actions and would like to participate in unit activities if possible.
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